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The Sainthills of Bradninch, Devon:
Being a pedigree of the family, with notes thereon,
and copies of documents relating to the family history

Trans. Devon. Assoc. Vol 21 (1889) pp. 383-394.


Frances B. Troup

Prepared by Michael Steer

Bradninch was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 1665. It sent members to Parliament from the time of Edward II to Henry VII, and was long a market-town. The manor belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall. Bradninch House is an old mansion, formerly the seat of the Sainthill family whose genealogy is outlined in Troup's paper. The author was related to the Sainthills by marriage. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Abdy, Nicholas 391
Bankes, Barbara 386
Bankes, Peter 386-7
Bayley, J 394
Bennett, Secretary 386
Bere, Peter 387
Bispham, Samuel MD 391
Burnsly, Thomas 391
Bury, John 387, 390
Bury, Sainthill 387
Burye, Peter 387
Butler, John 390
Charles I 386, 394
Cooke, Mr 388
Culverwell, John 384
Davis, Thomas 389-92
Davye, Mrs Mary 392
Denner, Julian 384-5
Dredge, Rev J Ingle 388
Duck, Sir Arthur 386
Dunsford, Mary 392
Dymond, R, FSA 388
Edward II 383
Edward III 383
Edward VI 384
Elizabeth I 385
Fairfax, General Thomas 389
Fleetwood, William Esq 384
Furze, John 384
Hancock, Edward 388
Hancock, John 388, 392
Hancock, John jnr 388-9
Hancock, Judith 388
Hancock, Mary 388
Hancock, Samuel 388
Hancocke, Mrs Anne 392
Herring, Michael 393
Hylett, Robert 390
Jennings, Mr Thomas 386
Laurence, Mr John 392, 394
Leech, John 393
Man, George 391
Martin, Henry 385
Martin, John 385
Mastola, Francis 386
Mollins, William 393
Moyer, Samuel 393
Oliver, Dr 384-9
Parker, Dorothy 387
Pearce, George Esq 392
Peck, Barbara 386
Peck, Mr 386
Pope, Bartholomew gent 384
Read, Morgan 391
Sainthill, Barbara 384-5
Sainthill, Dorothy 387, 391
Sainthill, Edward 383-4
Sainthill, Elizabeth 384-5, 388
Sainthill family 383-5, 389
Sainthill, Grace 389
Sainthill, Humphrey 385, 387
Sainthill, John 383
Sainthill, Juliana 385, 387
Sainthill, Mary 384-5, 387-8, 391-2
Sainthill, Peter armig. 383-4, 387-92, 394
Sainthill, Rebecca 388-9
Sainthill, Richard gent 383-4
Sainthill, Robert Esq 383, 385-90, 394
Sainthill, Mr Samuel gent 387-9, 391-4
Sainthill, Thomas 385
Sainthill, Urith 388
Sherwyn, Richard 394
Shine, Juliana 385
Squibb, Arthur 393
Stevens, Henry 388
Stevens, Henry jnr 388
Stevens, John 388
Stevens, Judith 388
Strode, Sir George 386
Sweinthill, Reginald de 383
Sweinthill, Walter de 383
Taylor, Thomas gent 384
Tuscany, Grand Duke of 386, 394
Vivian, Colonel 386-8
Waringe, Richard 393-4
Were, John Esq 390
Westcote 386
Wilford, John gent 384
Williams, Philip 391
Williamson 386
Winslowe, Edward 393
Wright, Edward 386
Yarde, Dorothy 388
Yarde, Thomas gent 388

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