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Memorial Inscriptions in Branscombe Church

by A.J.P. Skinner, and E. Chick (DCRS, 1913)

Compiled by Marion Stainsby

Note: Text in parentheses is based on footnotes by A.J.P. Skinner, or text within the relvant MIs. Square brackets mark problems of transcription.
ACKERMAN Christabel 1715
BAMPFIELD Agnes, wife of William 1753
BAMPFIELD Edward, son of William & Agnes 1754
BAMPFIELD William, of Beer 1754
BAMPFIELD William, son of William & Agnes 1717
BARTLETT Anne (d/o John MITCHELL of Truro), wife of Ellis 1606
BARTLETT Anne (d/o Richard DUKE of Otterton), wife of Ellis 1654
BARTLETT Anna 1699
(BARTLETT Barnaby John Stuckey)  
BARTLETT Christian, (wife of Paul) 1700
BARTLETT Dorothy 1749
BARTLETT Edith, wife of Ellis 1737
(BARTLETT Elizabeth, d/o Richard & Mary <1742)
BARTLETT E., gent.  
BARTLETT Ellis / Elias / Elizeus 1623
BARTLETT Ellis, s/o Ellis & Anne 1691
BARTLETT Ellis, s/o Ellis & Mary 1711
BARTLETT Ellis / Elias / Elizeus 1744
BARTLETT Margaret, wife of Ellis 1726
BARTLETT Margaret (d/o Henry ELLICOT of Exminster), wife of Ellis 1640
BARTLETT Mary (d/o William BEER of Honiton), wife of William 1751
BARTLETT Mary (d/o Edmond WALROND of Bovey, Beer), wife of Ellis 1684
BARTLETT Richard  
BARTLETT Samuel, s/o Ellis & Edith 1704
BARTLETT Sarah, d/o Richard & Mary <1742
BARTLETT William, s/o Richard & Mary 1742
BARTLETT Gulielmi[William], s/o Ellis 1744
BARTLETT [?] 1608
BARTLETT John[?], Edmond[?] 1663
(BRADDICK Mr Anthony, father of Elizabeth SAMPSON)  
(BRADDICK Elizabeth mother of Eliz. SAMPSON)  
BRADDICK Joseph 1673
BROWN Abel 1762
BROWN Susanna 1771
CARSLAKE Dorothy, (wife of Henry of Sidmouth) 1698
CARSLAKE Sarah, d/o John & Ann 1705
(CARSLAKE William, of Beer, grandson/o Wm & Agnes BAMPFIELD)  
CARSLAKE? or LEE? "A pious matron"  
CARTER Joan, wife of Ellis 1699
CHANNON Abigail, wife of Thomas 1706
CHANNON Margaret, wife of George 1665
CHURCHILL Ann (wife of Rev Peter) 1741
DEEM Sarah  
FRENCH John 1629
FRENCH Lewis 1667
HAM Abraham 1727
HAM Amy, d/o Robert & Sarah  
HAM Deborah, d/o Robert & Sarah (1682)
HAM Robert 1667
HAM Sarah[?], wife of Robert 1692
HOLCOMBE Ellis (1585)
HURLEY John 1755
LEE Charity, wife of William 1708
LEE George 1642
LEE Joan, wife of Robert 1638
LEE I[J?] July
(LEE Robert)  
LEE Robert, s/o William & Charity 1658
LEE William 1658
LEE[?] or CARSLAKE[?] 'a pious matron'  
LEIGH John 1732
LEIGH John Carslake, s/o William 1804
LEIGH Mary, d/o John & Mary 1741
LEIGH Mary, wife of John 1746
LEIGH Sarah, wife of William 1818
LEIGH Thomazine, wife of William 1787
LEIGH William 1802
LEIGH William Pearse, s/o William & Sarah 1840
PEPPIN Rev. Sydenham Henry 1867
PEPPIN Maria, wife of Rev Sydenham Henry 1851
PRING Rev. William 1713
PYNN Rev. Edward, M.A. 1650
SAMPSON Elizabeth d/o Anthony & Eliz. BRADDICK 1770
(SAMPSON John, of Colyton)  
STUCKEY John, s/o Robert & Mary 1810
STUCKEY Mary, d/o William BARTLETT, wife of Robert 1763
STUCKEY Robert 1768
STUCKEY William, s/o Robert & Mary 1775
TAYLOR Rev. John 1586
WADHAM Joan, d/o John TREGARTHIN. wife of John KELLEWAY and then of John WADHAM 1583
(WALROND Edmond of Bovey, Beer, father of Mary BARTLETT)  
(WALROND Anne, mother of Mary BARTLETT)  
WHEATON Ellis 1579
WHEATON Nicholas 1710
WOODWARD George 1741
(WOODWARD Rev George, of Hinton St George, father of George)  

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