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Passenger List, Bark Cato (Plymouth to New York, 1834)

Transcribed from US National Archives microfilm by

Nancy Haugh

Note, all passengers were listed as inhabitants of Great Britain.
? indicates unable to read handwriting
?? indicates listed information is likely wrong.
Name of Vessel: Bark Cato
Port of Embarkation: Plymouth
Date of Arrival: June 2, 1834 (Port of New York)
Number: 360
Name Age Sex Occupation
Henry Pascoe 37 M Stone Mason
Elizabeth Pascoe 38 F Wife do
William Pascoe 12 M Child do
Elizth Pascoe 10 F Child do
Henry Pascoe 8 M Child do
Richard Pascoe 5 M Child do
Joseph Pascoe 3 M Child do
Mary Pascoe 1 F Child do
Jeridiah Smith 24 M Farmer
Mary Ann Smith 24 F Wife do
Richd Bannbury 47 M Stone Mason
James Bullock 22 M Farmer
Robert Start 28 M Farmer
Mary Start 28 F Wife do
Sampson Start 5 M Child do
Robt Start 3 M Child do
William Start 3 mo M Child do
John Clave 55 M Child do [??]
Wm Stoneman 20 M Farmer
John Battershel [?] 24 M Farmer
Mary Battershel 26 F Wife do
Joseph Battershel 19 M Farmer [with John]
William Battershel 12 M Farmer [with John]
John Job 24 M Farmer
Sarah Job 26 F Wife do
Mary Ann Job 2 F Child do
Allen Sambell 21   Spinner
Elizabeth Sambell 19   Spinner
John Browning 46 M Farmer
Mary Browning 43 F Wife do
Jane Browning 19   Child do
Johannah Browning 16   Child do
William Browning 13   Child do
Thursan Browning 11   Child do
John Browning 8   Child do
Catherine Browning 6   Child do
John Ash 33 F [??] Farmer
Ann Ash 31 F Wife do
William Ash 8   Child do
John Ash 6   Child do
Mary Ash 4   Child do
Ann Ash 3   Child do
Rebecca Ash 1   Child do
Geo Mugford 22 M Farmer
James Horlot/Storlot [?] 21 M Farmer
John Horlot 23    
Henry Horlot 19    
Elzth Horlot 27    
Eliza Horlot 17    
Ann Horlot 21   [last three are grouped together]
Dorcas Cornish [?] 60 F Spinster
John Dingh 20 M Farmer
William Melton 22 M Farmer
Thomas Deal 24 M Farmer
Priscilla Deal 25 M [??]  
Andrew Collings 41 M Farmer
Abraham Tucker 52 M Farmer [grouped with Andrew Collings]
Mary Tucker 3 F Child of do
Ann Stoneman 45    
Jos Hobbing 24 M Farmer
Joseph Cock 22   Gentleman
Jos Canize [?] 24?   Farmer
Jos Fanley/Fairley [?] 53   Farmer
Jane Fanley 44   Wife do
John Fanely 17   Child do
Jos Fanley 16   Child do
Thomas Fanley 12   Child do
John Thin [?] 26   Farmer
Robt Williams 30   Farmer
Willm Willcocks 26   Gentleman
Richd Veale 23   Gentleman [grouped with Willm Willcocks]
Eliz Veale 25   Wife do
John Keagh 31   Farmer
James Keagh 24   Farmer
John Berr/Ben [?] 30   Farmer
John Sandycock 28   Farmer
John Best 24   Farmer
John Covell 55   Gentelman
May Ann Covell 25   Spinster
Jane? Covell 20   Spinster [grouped with May Ann]
James Duston 22   Farmer
Robt Collacott 32   Farmer
Aliza Collacott 34   Wife do
Robert Collacott 7   Child do
John Collacott 4   Child do
James Collacott 2   Child do
George Walter 30   Farmer
John Martin 35   Farmer
Eleanor Martin 25   Wife do
Mary Martin 7   Child do
Jane Martin 4   Child do
Charlotte Martin 2   Child do
Abraham Francis 15   Gentleman
James Carter 34   Farmer
John Skinner 44   Taylor
Sarah Skinner 42   Wife do
Mary Skinner 16   Child do
Sarah Skinner 14   Child do
John Skinner 12   Child do
Ebenezer Skinner 12   Child do
Eliza Skinner 10   Child do
William Skinner 8   Child do
Samuel Skinner 3   Child do
Abel Agles 24   Farmer
James John 26   Farmer
John Criers [?] 14   Farmer
John Ghillen 35   Farmer
Elizabeth Ghillen 34   Wife do
Margaret Ghillen 9   Child do
John George Ghillen 7   Child do
Richard Ghillen 4   Child do
William Ghillen 1   Child do
Margaret Blake 22   Spinster
Thomas Sallock 18   Farmer
John Wilcock 21   Gentleman
Wm Westcott 24   Gentleman
Aquilla Pascoe 12   Spinster [??]
Richd Stoneman 18   Stonemason
John Thomas 50   Farmer
Ann Thomas 50   Wife do
John Thomas 19   Child do
Sarah Thomas 15   Child do
Willm Thomas 13   Child do
Thomas Thomas 11   Child do
Eliza Thomas 10   Child do

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