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1851, 147pp., illus.






Original from Oxford University

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This index was produced from a digital copy of the book, which can be downloaded from: Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired. Devon Cattle have long been favoured for their hardy foraging ability in uncertain grass conditions; their rich milking ability favoured the sustenance of both calf and the farming family, and their docility and strength adapted them for use as oxen. The Devon was the all-around cow, providing milk, meat and muscle. Records for Devons as a pure breed began when John T. Davy published the first volume of this annual series in 1851. Colonel Davy's family had been breeding pure Devons for at least 150 years prior to that. Queen Victoria had a herd of Devons and won first prize at Smithfield in 1897. The Herd Book is intended to be "the standard reference on the subject with which it treats". The index is presented in two parts; (a) the subscriber's list, and (b) the surname index. The list of subscribers provides the names and addresses of Devons cattle breeders from throughout Great Britain and the United States. Since the Herd Book is basically an alphabetic catalogue of bovine names and pedigrees, each associated with their owner or breeder, only the number of the first page is given, on which that breeder/owner's name appears.


Name Page
Fortescue, Earl vii
Leicester, Earl of
Aylesford, Earl of
Portman, Lord
Ebringham, Viscount
Acland, Sir T.D. Bt.
Acland, T.D. Esq.
Anstey, Mr. of Menabilly
Boucher, Mr. Charles of Wiviliscombe
Boucher, Mr. Edward of Wiviliscombe
Bremridge, R. Esq.
Buller, Sir J.Y., Bt.
Buck, L.W. Esq.
Buck, G. Esq. of Hartland Abbey
Crows, Mr. Thomas, Steward to Sir H. Verner, Bt. Ireland.
Davie, Sir H.R.F., Bt.
Davy, Mr. James of North Molton
Durant, R. Esq. High Sheriff of Devon.
Fursdon, G. Esq. of Brampford Speke
Halse, Mr. Phillip of Molland
Hole, James, Esq. of Dunster
Hole, William, Esq. of Barnstaple
Hood, Sir Alexander, Bt.
Hussey, Mr. T. of Exeter
Jones, Mr. H.P. of Norfolk
Julyan, Mr. T. of Cornwall
Kerslake, Rev. W.H. of Meshaw, Devon
Keary, Mr. H.W. of Norfolk
Kekewich, B.T. Esq. of Peamore, Exeter
Kennaway, Sir John, Bt. of Escot.
Lemon, Sir C. Bt. of Cornwall
Lopes, Sir Ralph, Bt. of Devon
Loveband, Mr. Thomas of Bishopsnympton
Maunder, Mr. E. of North Molton viii
Merson, Mr. Richard of North Molton
Mogridge, Mr. R. of Molland
Moody, C.A. Esq.
Morle, Mr. T.B. of Somerset.
Palk, Lawrence Esq. of Haldon House, Devon
Parsons, Mr. Amos of Lifton
Pelham (the late) Hon. Dudley of the Isle of Wight.
Pendarves, E.W. MP for Cornwall.
Perry, Messrs Wm. & John, Thrushelton, Devon
Pope, Mr. E. of Dorset
Pope, Mr. W. of Sandford, Devon
Porter, Wm. Esq. of Honiton
Preston, Wm. Esq.
Quartley, Mr. James, of Molland
Quartley, Mr. John, of Molland
Scarth, R. Esq. of Orkney
Sillifant, John, Esq. of Crediton
Smith, Rev. Cecil of Somerset
Snow, Mr. John of Braunton
Stephens, J.C.M. Esq. of Torrington
Stubbs, John Esq. of Birmingham
Tanner, Mr. Wm. Of Rose Ash
Thomas, Mr. John Ayre, or Rose Ash
Throckmorton, Sir R.G. Bt. of Berkshire
Turner, G. Esq. of Exeter
Tremayne, J.H. Esq. of Cornwall.
Umbers, Mr. Abraham of Warwick
Umbers, Mr. Samuel, of Warwickshire
Welman, C.N. Esq. of Somerset
Wilkinson, Mr. Thomas, of the Isle of Wight
Williams, Mr. J. of Berkshire
Yeo, W.A. Esq. (late High Sheriff of Devon).

An extensive list of the addresses of the contributors follows with the names and numbers of the animals they have entered.


Name Page
Acland, Sir T.D., Bt. of Cullumpton ix,
Anderson, Dr. v
Anson, Lord 9
Anstey, Mr. Samuel, of Menabily, Nr. Fowey ix
Aylesford, Earl 6
Baker, Mr. of Swimbridge 20
Bernal, Mr. in Devonsire 11
Bishop, Mr. near Cullompton 11
Blomfield, Mr. of Wareham, Norfolk 14
Boucher, Mr. Charles, near Wiviliscombe 21
Bowden, Mr. of Landkey 20
Brooks, Mr. Nr. Sherbourne 13
Brougheys, Sir T. 5
Buckingham, Mr. near South Molton 17
Bult & Bond, Messrs 7
Bult, James 27
Burnal, Mr. 11
Chapple, Mr. of Tiverton 43
Child, Mr. of Kinlet 2
Copp, Mr. of Wotton Courtenay 60
Courtier, Mr. John of Moretonhampstead 49
Crispin, Mr. of Tawstock 19
Davy, Mr. James, of Flitton, North Molton ix
Davy, John Tanner, of Rose Ash vi
Davy, Mr. William of Flitton 8
Dee, Mr. of North Molton 28
Denny, Mr. of Egmere, Norfolk 8
Dingle, Mr. (Cornwall) 14
Elworthy, Mr. 5
Enter, Mr. Nr. Barnstaple. 3
Farquharson, Mr. of Blandford, Dorset 22
Fortescue, Earl 8
Gatchell, Mr. Of Huish 37
Gaydon, Mr. John of Swimbridge 20
Gibbings, Mr. of Exminster 8
Gibbs, Mr. Robert of Cothelstone 23
Goode, Mr. of Carmarthen 15
Hammond, A. Esq. of Westacre, Norfolk 17
Hill, Mr. of Bampton 60
Hole, Mr. of Hannaford 6
Hole, Mr. of Knowle Near Dunster 30
Hole, Mr. William of Barnstaple ix
Horsman, Mr. 60
Hussey, Mr. Thomas of Waybrook, Nr. Exeter ix
Huxtable, Mr. of Kingsland 13
Jones, Mr. 17
Julyan, Mr. Thomas, Grampound, Cornwall x
Leicester, The Hon. Earl 3
L'Estrange, H.L.S., Esq. 3
Leworthy, Mr. of Bratton Fleming 29
Ley, J.H. Esq. Trehill, Devonshire 32
Loveband, Mr. T. of Parsonage, Bishopsnympton x
Lyddon, Mr. of Withiel Florey 21
Lynedock, Lord 12
Macdonald, Mr. of Brendon Nr. Lynmouth 4
Macdonald, Sir Archebald 10
Maher, Mr. of Ireland 7
Manchester, Duke of 4
Marle, Mr. 60
Martin, Sir Roger 8
Maunder, Mr. Edwin, of North Molton x
Melhuish, Mr. of Worlington 6
Merson, Mr. Richard of North Molton x
Mogridge, Mr. Richard of Molland x
Moore, Samuel Esq. Co. Cavan, Ireland 39
Morle, Mr. T.B. of Cannington Park, Near Bridgewater 2
Morgan, Sir C. 15
Morris, Colonel 31
Morris, John Cox, Esq. 9
Norfolk, Duke of 17
Nurcombe, Mr.Thomas 2
Oatway, Mr. of Dunster 31
Oliver, Mr. 10
Paramore, Mr. Nicholas 18
Parsons, Mr. Amos of Cornwall xi
Parsons, Mr. James 10
Passmore, Mr. John of Bishopsnympton xi
Paul, Mr. of Compton Pauncefoot 10
Pelham, Captain, MP. 60
Pelham, Hon. Dudley 11
Perry, Messrs. Wm. & Jehu of Okehampton xi
Pester, Mr. 8
Peters, Mr. of North Petherton, Somerset 23
Pope, Mr. Edward of Great Toller, Dorset 11
Pope, Mr. William of Sandford xi
Porter, William, Esq. of Hembury Fort, Nr.Honiton xi
Portman, Lord 8
Pratt, Mr. of Staplegrove, Somerset 27
Quartly, Mr. Henry of Molland 21
Quartly, Mr. James of Molland xi
Quartly, Mr. John of Molland x
Quartly, Mr. Francis 3
Reynolds, Mr. 2
Rodd, Rev. Dr. F.H. . Trebartha Hall, Cornwall 6
Rogers, F. Esq. of Yarlington 10
Shapland, Mr. 13
Skinner, Mr. of Exford 6
Smith, Rev. Cecil of Bishop's Lydeard Nr. Taunton 38
Snow, Mr. John of Boode Nr. Braunton xii
Stawell, Mr. of Anstey 55
Stephens, Mr. of America 14
Stone, Mr. of Dulverton 4
Stubbs, Mr. of Perry Bar, Nr. Birmingham 13
Talbot, G. Esq. of Temple Guiting 3
Tamlyn, Mr. of Shortacombe 2
Tanner, Mr. William of Rose Ash 11
Tapp, Mr. John of Twitchen, South Molton xii
Thomas, Mr. John Ayre of Witheridge xii
Thorn, Mr. of South Molton 38
Toms, Mr. of Avercombe 43
Tremain, Mr. of Newlyn 7
Tremayne, J.H. Esq. of Heigan, Nr.St. Austell xii
Tremlett, Mr. 42
Trevor, General 3
Trix, Mr. of Great Hele 8
Tucker, Mr. of Stockleigh, Nr. Crediton 2
Turner, Mr. George of Barton, Nr. Exeter xii
Umbers, Mr. Abraham, of Weston Hall 3
Umbers, Mr. Samuel 6
Umbers, Mr. Thomas of Wappenbury, Nr. Leamington Spa 3
Umbers, Mr. Wm. Sr. 2
Vellacott, Mr. of Ashford Dam, Pincombe 29
Warren, Mr. of Shillington, Dorset 24
Watson, Mr. in Norfolk 14
Webber, Mr., Buckland House, Nr. Barnstaple 5
Wilkinson, Mr. of Chawton, Cowes 7
Williams, Mr. 7
Wood, Rev. James of Staplegrove, Somerset 27

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