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The Justices of the Peace for the County of Devon and the Benevolences of 1614 and 1622

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 9 (1877), pp. 404-406.


A.H.A. Hamilton

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper was presented at the Association's July 1877 Kingsbridge meeting. It preceded Hamilton's 1878 paper on Devon's JP's under Charles I and the Protectorate. JPs constituted a major element of the English (later British) governmental system. The JP system has been termed the squirearchy (i.e., dominance by the land-owning gentry). Depending on the jurisdiction, JPs' dispense summary justice or merely deal with local administrative applications in common law jurisdictions. JPs' conducted arraignments in criminal cases, and tried misdemeanours and infractions of local ordinances and bylaws. In the two instances that are the focus of Hamilton's paper, they were required by James I to collect an annual 'Benevolence'- a euphemism for the Subsidy Tax. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of California Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Aclande, Hugo 405
Aclande, Sir John 405
Bampfielde, Sir Ames 405
Bastarde, William 405-6
Bath, William Earl of 405
Berie, B 406
Berrie, Humphry 404
Billett, Ambrose 405
Burye, H 406
Carie, William 405
Champernowne, Sir Richard 405
Chichester, Sir Roger 405-6
Chudley, E 406
Chudley, George 405
Clifford, Dr 406
Clifford, H 406
Cottell, Matthew 404-5
Courtney, Sir William 404-6
Davie, J 406
Davie, Roger 405
Dodrige, Sir John 404
Drake, John 404, 406
Drew, Sir Thomas (also Drewe) 405-6
Exeter, William Bishop of 405
ffrie, Richard 404
ffulforde. Sir ffrancis 405
Ford, T 406
Fraser 403
Frye, M 406
George, Sir ffard 405
Gilbearte, Nicholas (also Gilbert) 405-6
Glanville, ffrancis 405
Grymes, William 405
Gyles, Sir Edwarde 405
Harris, Anthony 405
Harris, Sir Christopher 405
Hawkins, Sir Richard 405
Haydon, Roger 404, 406
Heale, Sir Warwick 405
Hutchinson, William 405
James I 404-6
Luttrell, Nicholas 405
Moncke, Anthony 405
Northcott, John 405-6
Parker, E 406
Pole, Sir W 406
Poole, Sir William 404
Prideaux, Edmund 404
Prideaux, Sir Thomas 404, 406
Reynell, Richard 404, 406
Reynell, Sir Thomas 405
Rolle, Sir Henry 404, 406
Sprinte, Gregorie 404
Smyth, Sir George 405
Speccott, Sir John 405
Strowde, Sir William (also Strode) 405-6
Tremaine, Arthur 405
Vincent, Baronett 406
Walronde, William 405-6
Waltham, Richard 405
Weare, Humphrie 405
Welch, James (also Welshe) 405-6
Whiddon, Sir J 406
Wise, Sir Thomas 405
Woode, J 406

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