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Index of Names

in the Devon section (pp. 62-94) of:

Jennifer Clarke. Exploring the West Country: A woman's guide.

London: Virago Press, (1987). Photographs by Joanna Parkin.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This book is arranged alphabetically by county, and alphabetically by the women who are its subjects. It results from a two year long exploration of the West Country by the author and the photographer, in search of records (for example, memorials, plaques, graves and statues) of women who had links with each area they visited. Visits were made through Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. This index deals only with the women and the names of others who appear in the Devon section of the book. The names of women who were principal subjects of the book appear in italics, with their location. Other names associated with them, and which are not indexed in the book are not italicized.
Acland, Judith Bucks Mills 62
Adams, Miriam Ashburton 62
Aitkin, Mr. 87
Baldwin, Prudence Dean Prior 64
Barnes, Reverend Reginald 92
Benet, Thomas 87
Berkeley, Colonel 74
Bonville, Cicely Ottery St Mary 64
Boucicault, Dion 92
Bourchier, Arthur 92
Bray, Anna Eliza Tavistock 64
Bray, Reverend 64
Buller, Dame Georgiana Exeter 67
Buller, General 67
Chase, Beatrice Widecombe in the Moor 69
Chichester, Rosalie Lynmouth 70
Chichester, Sir Bruce 70
Christie, Agatha Torquay 70
Christie, Archibald 70
Chudleigh, Lady Mary Higher Ashton 71
Chudleigh, Sir George 71
Clark, Ann Tiverton 71
Clayton, Ellen 87
Colling, Mary Tavistock 65, 72
Courtenay family 64
Cowley, Hannah Tiverton 72
Croome, Honor 73
Darcy, Thomas 77
Dashwood, Arthur 73
Dashwood, Mrs. 73
Delafield, E.M. Cullompton 73
de la Pasture, Edmee Elizabeth 73
de la Pasture, Count Henry 73
Dodderidge, Dorothy Exeter Cathedral 73
Dodderidge, John 73
Duckett, Lewis 84
Edwards, Mary Stella 62
Edwards, Susannah Bideford Witch 64
Elmhirst, Dorothy Dartington 74
Elmhirst, Leonard 74
Fanshawe, Charles 90
Fitz, Sir John 77
Foote, Maria Plymouth 74
Fortibus, Isabella de Topsham 75
Freud, Sigmund 74
Garrick, David 72
Gibbons, John 75
Gibbons, Maria Susannah East Budleigh 75
Glanville, Eulalia 81
Gosling, Frederick 76
Grenville, Sir Richard 77
Grey, Lady Jane 64
Grey, Thomas, Marquis of Dorset 64
Grieve, A. Mackenzie 88
Gwillim, Elizabeth 87
Hamilton, Emma 80
Hamlyn, Christine Clovelly 76
Hamlyn, Frederick 76
Haynes, Mr. 74
Healthfield family 90
Herrick, Robert 64
Hewett, Sarah Tiverton 76
Holman, Dorothy Topsham 77
Howard, Lady Mary Tavistock 77
Howard, Sir Charles 77
Hudson (painter) 87
Hughes, Mrs 72
Huxley, Aldous 74
Huxley, Matthew 74
Jervis, Admiral Sir John 83
Inchbald, Mrs. 74
Kelly, Mary Elfreda Kelly 78
Kempe, Anna 64
Lloyd, Temperance Bideford Witch 64
Mallowen, Max 70
Mannin, Ethel Teignmouth 78
Martin, Sarah Catherine Yealmpton 79
More, Hannah 87
Morton, H.V. 76
Nelson, Vice Admiral Horatio, Lord 80, 83
Nelson, Viscountess Frances Littleham 80
Nisbet, Frances 80
Oatway, Kate 68
Ormorod, Eleanor Anne Torquay 81
Page, Eulalia (Elizabeth) Barnstaple 81
Palliser, Mrs. 92
Parminter, Jane Exmouth 82
Parminter, Mary Exmouth 82
Parr, Olive Katherine 69
Partington, Mrs. Sidmouth 83
Percy, Sir Henry 77
Perriam, Ann (Nancy) Exmouth 83
Pinwill, Reverend Edmund 84
Pinwill, Violet Stoke Fleming 84
Polwhele, Reverend Richard 71
Pomeroy family 64
Porteous, J.A. 78
Prest, Agnes Exeter 87
Rashleigh Pinwill & Co. 84
Reynolds, Frances Plympton St. Maurice 87
Reynolds, Joshua 87
Reynolds, Reginald 78
Russell, Bertrand 74
Simcoe, Elizabeth Posthuma Honiton 87-8
Simcoe, Lt. Col. John Graves 87-8
Simcoe Sisters Dunkeswell 88
Smith, Sydney 83
Southey, Robert 72
Sprint, Mr. 71
Stanhope, Charles 74
Stanwich, George 81
Starke, Mariana Exmouth 90
Stothard, Charles 64
Straight, Willard 74
Tagore, Rabindranath 74
Terry, Ellen 92
Thomas, Mary Cullompton 90
Thompson, Flora Dartmouth 91
Thompson, John 91
Trelawney family 64
Treadwin, Charlotte Elizabeth Exeter 91
Trembles, Mary Bideford Witch 64
Turbeville, Bishop 87
Vanbrugh, Irene Heavitree 92
Vanbrugh, Violet Heavitree 82
William IV 79
Weatherly, Fred. 78
Weston, Agnes Elizabeth 92
Whitcombe, Henry Pennell 94
Whitcombe, Mrs Henry Pennell Swimbridge 94
Whitney, William Collins 74
Wintz, Sophie 92

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