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Coopers Ash to Dunnabridge Pound

COOPERS ASH             S Tawton                DAWES TNT               Walkhampton
COOPERS COTTAGE *       S Tawton                DEAL                    Manaton
COPY THORNS             Peter Tavy              DEAN COURT EST          Dean Prior
CORNDON *               Chagford                DEAN MOOR               Dean Prior
CORNDOWN                Widecombe               DEAN PARK'S EST         Dean Prior
CORNDOWNFORD            Widecombe               DEAN POUND              Dean Prior
CORNTOWN FM             Cornwood                DEANCOMBE *             Walkhampton
CORRINGDON              S Brent                 DELAMORE                Cornwood
COSSICK                 Moreton                 DENNATHORNE *           Whitchurch
COURSEBEER              S Tawton                DENNIS HILL             Ugborough
COURT *                 Buckland                DENNYTHORNE             Whitchurch
COURT BARTON EST        Ilsington               DERRY'S TNT             Dean Prior
COURT FM                Holne                   DEVONPORT LEAT          Meavy
COURT GATE              S Brent                 DEVONPORT LEAT          Walkhampton
COURT GATE TNT          Dean Prior              DIBHOUSE                S Tawton
COWHILLS                N Bovey                 DICKERS TNT             Throwleigh
COX'S HILL TNT          Dean Prior              DIDWORTHY *             S Brent
COX PARK                Drewst/gnton            DILL HILLS              Moreton
COXLAKE                 Lydford                 DINGLES                 Mary Tavy
COXLAND                 Ilsington               DINNES WALLS            Shaugh Prior
COXTOR                  Peter Tavy              DIPLAY                  Widecombe
CRABBALAND              Walkhampton             DISHCOMBE *             S Tawton
CRANBROOK *             Moreton                 DITSWORTHY WARREN       Sheepstor
CRANBROOK DOWN          Moreton                 DITTISHAM *             Walkhampton
CRAPHILL                Sampford S              DITTISHAM ROW *         Walkhampton
CRAPPS                  Meavy                   DOCCOMBE *              Moreton
CRAYFORD                Drewst/gnton            DOCCOMBE BAPTIST CHAPEL Moreton
CREABER *               Gidleigh                DOCCOMBE MILL           Moreton
CREABER POUND           Gidleigh                DOCCOMBE WOOD           Moreton
CREADON                 S Tawton                DOCKHILL                S Brent
CREASON *               Mary Tavy               DOCKWELL                Widecombe
CREBERS EST             Peter Tavy              DOCTORS COLLIBEER       S Tawton
CREBERS TNT             Sampford S              DODDS MURCHINGTON       Throwleigh
CRECOBY                 Walkhampton             DODDS WEEK              Chagford
CREES TNT               Sampford S              DOLBEARE                Ashburton
CRELAKE                 Whitchurch              DOLBIERS BRENT MILL     S Brent
CRIPITON                Manaton                 DOSTABROOK              Whitchurch
CRIPTOR                 Walkhampton             DOUSTILAND              Walkhampton
CRISPIN INN             Ashburton               DOWN PARK               Chagford
CROCKERN TOR COTTAGE    Lydford                 DOWNENDS                S Tawton
CROCKERN TOR FM         Lydford                 DOWNHOUSE *             Whitchurch
CROFTSHEAD              Walkhampton             DOWNSTOW *              S Brent
CROSS MEADOW            Moreton                 DRAKES DOWN             S Tawton
CROSS'S TNT             Chagford                DRASCOMBE               Drewst/gnton
CROWNDALE               Whitchurch              DREWSTON *              Chagford
CROWNHILL DOWN          Shaugh Prior            DREWSTON                Drewst/gnton
CROWNLEY PARKS          Ilsington               DRUID *                 Ashburton
CUDDLEFORD              S Brent                 DRUMBRIDGE COOMBE       Ilsington
CULLAFORD *             S Tawton                DRY WELLS               Widecombe
CUSTREET EST            Ilsington               DUCHY HOTEL             Lydford
DARTMOOR COMMONS        Chagford                DUKES                   S Brent
DARTMOOR INN            Whitchurch              DUNGEON                 Shaugh Prior
DAVYLAND                Drewst/gnton            DUNNABRIDGE *           Lydford
DAVYTOWN *              Walkhampton             DUNNABRIDGE POUND EST   Lydford
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