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West Country Poets

MRS. CUMING (fl. 1872)

Mrs. CUMING, formerly of Prospect Place, Totnes, was th wife of Mr. Samuel CUMING, borough surveyor and architect of that town.  She died a year or two since at the neighbouring town of Dartmouth.  Her only poetical work, 'The Forest of Arden, and other Poems,' was published in 1872, and contains some very pretty little pieces.

Say! What is left for woman
  When human loves decay?-
The light of all that's left of life
  From her has passed away/

When youth and beauty she possessed,
  Both gifts of fleeting stgay,
She could not think that time could bring
  To her a happier day.

For dancing down the stream of life
  All joyous as she may,
She would not think that time could steal
  Those precious gifts away.

If love no more within her heart
  Can find a place to stay,
It is that from its native place
  With hope it went its way.

Then bravely meet the varied ill
  We cannot mend or stay;
If love departs, there's honour still
  To hold on by the way.

And this is left for woman
  When human loves decay-
The light of all that's left of life
  From her has passed away.

Transcribed by Sandra Windeatt from: Wright, W.H.K., (1896) West-Country Poets:  Their Lives and Works. London: Elliot Stock, p. 130.

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