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West Country Poets


Sir Richard EDGECUMBE, son of Sir Piers EDGCUMBE, and Joan the daughter of Stephen DURNFORD, of East Stonehouse, and the original founder of the noble mansion of Mount Edgcumbe, was of an old Devonshire family, settled from the time of the Conquest at Edgcumbe, in the parish of Milton Abbot, near Tavistock.  Judging by a biography written by his grandson, Richard CAREW, he must have obtained great eminence in almost every line of life, his learning, courtesy, wisdom, liberality, and prowess being dwelt on in most enthusiastic words.  Among his other talents, it is recorded 'that he had a very good grace in making English verses, such as in those days passed, which, flowing easily from his pen, did much delight the readers.'  The sharpness of his wit was also seen in his 'Apophthegms.'  His skill and poetic talents are also recorded in Lord Oxford's 'Noble and Royal Authors,' but his verses are scarcely such as to bear quotation at the present day.

Transcribed by Sandra Windeatt from: Wright, W.H.K., (1896) West-Country Poets:  Their Lives and Works. London: Elliot Stock, p.167.

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