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West Country Poets

REV. T. W. WINDEATT (1769-1827)

The Rev. Thomas White WINDEATT was the son of Samuel WINDEATT, of Bridgetown, Totnes, who was engaged in the woollen trade.  He was born at Totnes, February 17, 1769 , and educated there.  He at first went into his father's business, but never cared for it, being of a literary turn of mind; and soon after his father died he gave up business.  All the family were Nonconformists, and attended the Independent Chapel; but the minister embracing Arian views, the grandfather of T.W. WINDEATT  opened his house for worship and ultimately a chapel was built in Totnes, now the schoolroom of the Congregational Chapel, and in 1806 the grandson became its pastor.  He wrote several religious articles, under the nom de plume 'Albus', for the Christian Guardian Magazine from 1809 to 1814. He also composed a number of hymns and sacred poems, which were used in the services of the chapel of which he was pastor, and which were published in a small volume after his death. He died August 20, 1827, at the age of fifty-eight.  We are indebted to Mr. Edward WINDEATT, the respected Town Clerk of Totnes, and grandson of this Devonshire worthy, for the foregoing information.


Departed saints my thoughts employ;
     Before the throne of God they stand,
And high delight and holy joy
     Their raptur'd faculties expand;
And whilst they mingle with the blest,
Sweetly respond - 'In Heaven there's rest.'

But 'twas not rest while here below,
     'Twas sleepless nights and tearful eyes;
'Twas keen affliction's varied woe,
     And weary hours and piercing cries;-
But the dark clouds are all disperst,
And now they sing - 'In Heaven there's rest.'

Look forth, my soul, beyond the clay,
     Beyond the land of storms and night;
For there remains a brighter day
     Of ceaseless joys and purer light,
And when with sin and grief deprest,
Anticipate - 'In Heaven there's rest.'

Transcribed by Sandra Windeatt from: Wright, W. H. K.,(1896) West-Country Poets: Their Lives and Works. London: Elliot Stock, pp.48-51

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