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East Devon Local Militia

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post, Thursday 26 December 1811, Issue 2412 .
Gale Document No. Y3200652198

Provided by Lindsey Withers

WHEREAS, the under mentioned Persons, private Soldiers in the said regiment, did not appear at the time and place appointed for training and exercise, are deemed deserters, whoever secures either or any of them, so that they may be lodged in any of his majesty's gaols, shall receive TWENTY SHILLINGS Reward, for each deserter allowed by act of Parliament. Dated Head-quarters, Honiton, 18th Dec. 1811.
No. Name. Parish. County. Age. Occupation.
1. Endicott, Jacob Axminster Devon 22 Joiner
2. Mitchell, James Honiton Ditto 31 Hatter
3. Mitchell, Richard Sidbury Ditto 24 Shoemaker
4. Northams, Robert    Taunton Somerset 23 Labourer
5. Perry, Joseph Ottery St Mary    Devon 21 Butcher
6. Symes, John Coombpyne Ditto 29 Taylor
7. Stroud, John Dalwood Ditto 22 Carpenter
JOHN ALLEN, Adjutant
7th, of East Devon Local Militia.

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