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Mayor, Christopher Arden, Esq. (elected 9th November, 1848.)
Recorder, Francis Newman Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
Deputy Judge of the Provost Court, George Granville Kekewich, Esq.
Registrar of ditto, John Gidley.


Thos. Foster Barham, Esq. Geo. Chaplin Holroyd, Esq. Patrick Miller, Esq.
John Carew, Esq. Henry Hooper, Esq. Richd. Lewin Pennell, Esq.
Daniel Bishop Davy, Esq. Wm. Kennaway, Esq. Thomas Shapter, Esq.
John Harris, Esq. Samuel Kingdon, Esq. Edward Woolmer, Esq.
Christopher Arden, Esq Wm. Hooper, Esq. Thomas Shapter, Esq.
Wm. Hobson Furlong, Esq. Wm. Wills Hooper, Esq. Charles Henry Turner, Esq.
John Harris, Esq Wm. Page Kingdon, Esq. Edward Woolmer, Esq.
Henry Lake Hirtzel, Esq. Wm. Kingdon, Esq. Thos. Dewdney Worthy, Esq.
Wm. Richards. George Sercombe. Robert Taylor.
Robert John Trewman. Frederick D.L. Hirtzel. Samuel Segar Bastard.
Frederick Franklin. Richard Bastard. Henry Hooper.
John Porter. James Nicholls. John Cockram.
Thomas Edward Drake John Evomy Norman. Henry Wilcocks Hooper.
John Burrington. John Plimsaul Nicholls. Wm. Land.
Stephen Brunskill. George Ferris. John Toby, sen.
Thomas Floud. James Carrall Wilcocks. Charles Force.
Edwin Force. Samuel Davies. Charles Brutton.
Charles Richards. John Trehane. Wm. Denis Moore.
Wm. Piper. George Du Chemin. John Carew.
Joseph Sayell. Thomas Latimer. Peter Lisson.
The two first on the list in each ward go out of office in Novemeber, 1849.

Revising Assessors, George William Turner and John Toby, jun.
Auditors, Richard Holwell and Thomas Besley.
Auditor appointed by the Mayor, Henry Wilcocks Hooper, Esq.
Clerk of the Peace and Town Clerk, John Gidley, Esq.
Treasurer, Hugh Myddleton Ellicombe, Esq.
Coroner for the City and County of Exeter, John Warren, Esq.
Clerk to the Magistrates, Henry Downe Barton.
Sheriff, Thomas Floud: Under-Sheriff, Henry Wilcocks Hooper.
Chaplain to the City Prison, Rev. Charles Worthy.
Governor and Matron of ditto, John George Gully and Mrs. Ann Gully.
Superintendent of Police, David Steele; High Constable, William Morgan.
Inspector of Weights and Measures, Mr. Thomas Rodd.
Sergeants, Wm. Morgan, Wm. Howard, John Ginham, Henry Lascelles.
Staff-bearers, Frederick Woolcott, Thos. Vaughan, Wm. Stuckes.
Inspectors of Police, Frederick Woolcott, William Stuckes, William Joslin, James Ellicombe, and Wm. Fulford. (There are 20 policemen.)

CONSERVATORS OF THE RIVER EXE:- S. Mortimer, W. Kennaway, W. Kingdon, D.B. Davy, R. Bastard, J.C. Wilcocks, J. Golsworthy, and W.H. Furlong, Esqrs.

The BANKRUPTCY COURT at Exeter has jurisdiction all over Devon, Cornwall, and the Western Division of Somerset, and in all places in Dorset, more than 100 mile. from London, excepting Poole, Wimborne, Blandford, Sturminster, and Shaftesbury. M.B. Bere, Esq., is the commissioner; J. Carew, Esq., registrar; Messrs. H.L. Hirtzel and F. Hernaman, official assignees; and John Bullivant, messenger.

The COUNTY COURT for Exeter District is noticed at page 69. It sits at the Castle on the Friday and Saturday after the second Monday of each month, and sometimes fortnightly, if required. Mr. John Daw, of 13, Bedford circus, is the clerk, and Mr. Robert Collings is the high bailiff. John Tyrell, Esq., is judge of this and all the other county courts in East Devon, and James Terrell, Esq. is the treasurer.

In order to obtain a summons, it is necessary that the plaintiff should apply at the office of the clerk of the Court, and furnish the name, residence, trade, or profession of himself and defendant, and the amount and nature of his demand. If the amount be above £5, the plaintiff must furnish as many copies of particulars of his demand an there are defendants, with an additional copy to file. At the time of taking out the summons, the plaintiff must pay the fees of the Court. The fees of the Court for summonses within the distance of one mile, are as table annexed:-

Not exedg. Not exedg. Not exedg. Not exedg. Exceeding  £10.
£1. £2. £5. £10. Cont. Tort.
Fund Fee. .... 6d. 1s. in the 1s. in the 1s. in the 1s. in the
Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound.
Summons. 9d. 1s. 4d. 2s. 6d. 4s. 10d. 7s. 8s.

Beyond one mile, the above with the following additional mileage:-

    -     2d. 2d. 3d. 4d. 4d. 4d.
per mile.   per mile.   per mile.   per mile.   per mile.   per mile.


Customs' Establishment at the Port of Exeter. (See page 63.) H.L. Greaves, Esq., collector; A. Stewart, Esq., comptroller and landing surveyor; and Mr. H.P. Wright, landing waiter and searcher. The creeks belonging to the port, and the landing waiters stationed at them, are - Topsham, Mr. George England; Exmouth, Mr. Robert Gallop; and Teignmouth, Mr. L.M. Maxton. The pilots of the port are under the supervision of H.L. Grove, W. Wilking, and Wm. Ash, Esqrs., who are sub-commissioners of pilotage, appointed by the Trinity Board.

The Inland Revenue Officers for Exeter district are - William Schofield, Esq., collector; John Jarman, clerk; Henry Druller, permit writer; John Furse and Joseph Allen, supervisors; and several district officers. The STAMP 0FFICE is in Queen street, and Mark Kennaway, Esq., is distributor for Exeter and the county of Devon. Mr. E. Martin is the deputy distributor. Mr. Henry Lascelles is inspector of hawkers' licenses.

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