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Name Listing from the Exeter Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Carswell:                                                       Mary Arches Street
Mansfield, John: Academy (Boys Day)                             Musgrave's Alley
Pomeroy, Thos: Academy (Boys Day)                               St Sidwell
Stephens, F Y: Academy (Boys Day)                               Mary Arches Street
Youlden, Walter: Academy (Boys Day)                             Magdalene Street
Williams, Chas Allen: Academy (Classical)                       Holloway Street
Atkinson, T Rev: Academy (Classical Boarding)                   Cowick Street
Vicars, Matthew Rev: Academy (Classical Boarding)               Spur Burn Villa
Gould, G M: Academy (Gentlemen's Boarding)                      Bartholomew Yard
Mullings, A: Academy (Gentlemen's Boarding)                     Bampfylde Street
Quicke, T: Academy (Gentlemen's Boarding)                       Bedford Street
Webber, R: Academy (Gentlemen's Boarding)                       St Sidwell
Bidwell, H: Academy (Gentlemen's Preparatory)                   Mary's Yard
Collyns, Charles H: Academy (Grammar School)                    Fore Street
Dymond, Harriett: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                     Cathedral Yard
Ferris, Eliz: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                         Fore Street
Hake, M: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                              Upper Southernhay
Hake, N: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                              Upper Southernhay
Matthews, M: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                          Bradninch
Newcombe, Sarah: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                      Cathedral Yard
Paget, M: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                             Hill's Court
Sweetland, M: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                         Cathedral Yard
White, Misses: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                        Cathedral Yard
Wrentmore, M: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                         132 Fore Street
Bate, Misses: Academy (Ladies Day)                              Bartholomew Street
Bidwell, E: Academy (Ladies Day)                                Mary's Yard
Bidwell, J: Academy (Ladies Day)                                Mary's Yard
Critchett, M: Academy (Ladies Day)                              172 Fore Street
Dryer, E: Academy (Ladies Day)                                  Musgrave's Alley
Force: Academy (Ladies Day)                                     St Sidwell
Force, N: Academy (Ladies Day)                                  South Street
Gale, E E: Academy (Ladies Day)                                 St Sidwell
Hodge, Eliz: Academy (Ladies Day)                               Cowick Street
Mardon, L: Academy (Ladies Day)                                 Bartholomew Terrace
Maunder, Faith: Academy (Ladies Day)                            Cathedral Yard
Mortimer, Ann: Academy (Ladies Day)                             80 Fore Street
Quicke, Harriett: Academy (Ladies Day)                          Bedford Street
Rice: Academy (Ladies Day)                                      St Sidwell
Toms, Mary: Academy (Ladies Day)                                College
Tucker, E: Academy (Ladies Day)                                 Hart's Row
Tucker, H: Academy (Ladies Day)                                 Hart's Row
Warren, M A: Academy (Ladies Day)                               Martin's Lane
Truman: Academy (Mathematical)                                  Paul Street
Binham, Esther: Academy (Preparatory)                           2 Bedford Circus
Smith, M: Academy (Preparatory)                                 Hart's Row
Vevasour, Dorothy: Academy (Preparatory)                        Paris Street
Barrett, Matthew: Accountant                                    Southernhay
Binns, Thos: Accountant                                         Deanary Square
Holmes, Francis: Accountant                                     Cathedral Yard
Rawlings, John: Accountant                                      Hart's Row
Wescomb, Wm: Accountant                                         Paris Street
Slabbach, Josh: Actuary (Apothecaries Hall)                     246 Fore Street
Lee, Wm: Actuary (Devon & Exeter Savings Bank)                  205 Fore Street
Abbott, W J: Apothecary                                         Upper Southernhay Place
Gater: Apothecary                                               Bedford Street
Gurney: Apothecary                                              Bedford Street
Smith, T: Apothecary                                            Bartholomew Street
Tompson: Apothecary                                             Bedford Street
Burgess, Wm: Architect                                          Barrack Road
Dymond, George: Architect                                       Cathedral Yard
Hedgeland, C: Architect                                         Bartholomew Street
Hemingway, John: Architect                                      Fore Street
Lethbridge, John: Architect                                     Fore Street
Bowring, Wm: Attorney                                           Bartholomew Yard
Brutton, Chas: Attorney                                         Castle Street
Burch, Wm: Attorney                                             St Sidwell
Campion, R C: Attorney                                          1 Bedford Circus
Carew: Attorney                                                 St Mary's Yard
Causey, Thos A: Attorney                                        Hill's Court
Chubb, John: Attorney                                           New Bridge
Churchill, Jas: Attorney                                        Paris Street
Cleiffe, J P: Attorney                                          Waterbeer Street
Cove, John: Attorney                                            Castle Street
Cox, Saml: Attorney                                             Palace Street
Ellicombe, Hugh Myddleton: Attorney                             Upper Southernhay
Ford, Henry M: Attorney                                         North Street
Furlong: Attorney                                               Maddock's Row
Geare, John: Attorney                                           Cathedral Yard
Gidley, John: Attorney                                          New Buildings
Hern, Moses: Attorney                                           Paul Street
Hugo, M: Attorney                                               Gandy's Street
James, Harry: Attorney                                          Close
Jones: Attorney                                                 St Mary's Yard
Kemp, Edw Louis: Attorney                                       Cathedral Yard
Kendall, Wm: Attorney                                           Northernhay Place
Kennaway, M: Attorney                                           Holloway Street
Langworthy, W H: Attorney                                       Paul Street
Moore, B W: Attorney                                            Bedford Lane
Mortimer, S: Attorney                                           Maddock's Row
Pidsley, John: Attorney                                         Paul Street
Terrell, Jas: Attorney                                          Bartholomew Yard
Terrell, John: Attorney                                         North Street
Warren, John: Attorney                                          Cathedral Yard
Barnes, Ralph: Attorney & Proctor                               Palace Gate
Turner, Chas H: Attorney & Proctor                              Cathedral Yard
Turner, Thos: Attorney & Proctor                                Cathedral Yard
Turner, Zachary: Attorney & Proctor                             Paul Street
Gray, Wm: Attorney & Registrar                                  North Street
Gattey, Edw: Attorney & Town Clerk                              Upper Southernhay Street
Baker, Francis: Auctioneer & Appraiser                          St Sidwell
Bennett, Jas: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            106 Fore Street
Chaplin, John: Auctioneer & Appraiser                           Castle Street
Cornish, Robt: Auctioneer & Appraiser                           139 Fore Street
Crudge, Thos: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            31 New Bridge Street
Hussey, Thos: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            Alphington
Kidner, J: Auctioneer & Appraiser                               Cowick Street
Porter, Samuel: Auctioneer & Appraiser                          206 Fore Street
Powning, Henry: Auctioneer & Appraiser                          South Street
Rowe, Josh C: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            John Street
Rowe, Josh H: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            12 Paris Street
Tarbutt, Henry: Auctioneer & Appraiser                          Friernhay Street
Taylor, Robt: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            253 Fore Street
Tuckett, Edw: Auctioneer & Appraiser                            Bartholomew Street
Allen, James: Baker                                             David's Hill
Aplin, George: Baker                                            Rock's Lane
Baker, John: Baker                                              Catherine Street
Barrett, Samuel: Baker                                          Mary's Yard
Beedle, Thos: Baker                                             West Street
Beedle, Wm: Baker                                               Magdalene Street
Bickford, Hele: Baker                                           Okehampton Street
Blackmore, Joseph: Baker                                        South Street
Bricknell, Jacob: Baker                                         Goldsmith Street
Cobley, John: Baker                                             St Sidwell
Hamlin, John: Baker                                             34 Holloway Street
Hoare, John: Baker                                              North Street
Horwell, Benj: Baker                                            St Sidwells
Hutchings, John: Baker                                          West Street
Langston, Samuel: Baker                                         St Sidwells
Marker, Thos: Baker                                             Mary Arches Street
Matthews, Richd: Baker                                          West Street
Murch, George: Baker                                            40 South Street
Norton, John: Baker                                             Waterbeer Street
Palmer, A: Baker                                                Cowick Street
Pearce, Isaac: Baker                                            96 Fore Street
Pike, Samuel: Baker                                             Cowick Street
Pim, Wm: Baker                                                  Butcher Row
Ponsford, John: Baker                                           Milk Lane
Portbury, John: Baker                                           70 Fore Street
Pridham, Andrew: Baker                                          Hart's Row
Raddon, Robt: Baker                                             Gandy's Street
Ratcliffe, Joseph: Baker                                        149 Fore Street
Salter, E: Baker                                                Lower North Street
Sanders, Peter: Baker                                           St Sidwell
Spratt, Jas: Baker                                              St Sidwell
Stockman, Saml: Baker                                           Magdalene Street
Stokes, Thos: Baker                                             St Sidwell
Townsend, Thos: Baker                                           Preston Street
Tucker, J: Baker                                                135 Fore Street
Tucker, W: Baker                                                135 Fore Street
Westcott, Mary: Baker                                           Paris Street
Wilmot, Emanuel: Baker                                          Paul Street
Wingyett, Wm: Baker                                             Paris Street
Wood, John: Baker                                               West Quarter
Woodman, Thos: Baker                                            North Street
Milford: Banker (City Bank)                                     St Mary's Yard
Cole: Banker (Devon County Bank)                                Deanary
Dicken: Banker (Devon County Bank)                              Deanary
Sanders: Banker (Exeter Bank)                                   Cathedral Yard
Sparkes, George: Banker (General Bank)                          St Mary's Yard
Sparkes, Joseph: Banker (General Bank)                          St Mary's Yard
Sparkes, Thomas: Banker (General Bank)                          St Mary's Yard
Cross: Banker (West Of England)                                 193 Fore Street
Floud: Banker (West Of England)                                 193 Fore Street
Ronchetti, T: Barometer Manufr, Bird & Beast Preserver          2 New Bridge Street
Brown, George: Barrister                                        Heavitree
Hutchinson, Ths: Barrister                                      Magdalene Street
Tonkin, W H: Barrister                                          Northernhay
Tyrell, John: Barrister                                         24 Fore Street
Wake, James: Barrister                                          Heavitree Road
Burton, M: Basket Maker                                         Rack Lane
Cowley, John: Basket Maker                                      Alphington Street
Norman, John: Basket Maker                                      Cowick Street
Snow, Sarah: Basket Maker                                       St Sidwell
Glanville, Wm: Blacking Manufacturer                            Mary Arches Street
Salter, Robt: Blacking Manufacturer                             Holloway Street
Burnett, M: Bookbinder                                          Holloway Street
Davies, Wm: Bookbinder                                          Allhallows Court
Davies, Wm: Bookbinder                                          73 Fore Street
Hutchings, John: Bookbinder                                     South Street
Player, Joseph: Bookbinder                                      14 Fore Street
Spark, Robt: Bookbinder                                         Cathedral Yard
Warren, Wm: Bookbinder                                          Fore Street Hill
Balle, Thos: Bookseller & Stationer                             89 Fore Street
Besley, Thos: Bookseller & Stationer                            223 Fore Street
Besley, Thos: Bookseller & Stationer                            76 South Street
Cullum, Robt: Bookseller & Stationer                            Goldsmith Street
Curson, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer                              17 Fore Street
Dyer, Gilbert: Bookseller & Stationer                           56 Fore Street
Godfrey, John: Bookseller & Stationer                           205 Fore Street
Hedgeland, Saml: Bookseller & Stationer                         53 Fore Street
Penny: Bookseller & Stationer                                   185 Fore Street
Risdon, John: Bookseller & Stationer                            201 Fore Street
Spreat, Wm: Bookseller & Stationer                              263 Fore Street
Treadwin, John: Bookseller & Stationer                          217 Fore Street
Trewman: Bookseller & Stationer                                 226 Fore Street
Upham, Chas: Bookseller & Stationer                             245 Fore Street
Baker, E L: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   185 Fore Street
Baker, R: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     185 Fore Street
Ballman, Jas: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 22 Fore Street
Bartrum: Boot & Shoe Maker                                      227 Fore Street
Bird, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     Exe Lane
Boost, Robt: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  28 Fore Street
Brodie, T: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    St Sidwell
Burnett: Boot & Shoe Maker                                      18 Fore Street
Cohen, L: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     North Hill
Cooper, Robt: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Stepcote Hill
Cooper, W: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    Bartholomew Street
Crabb, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    Old Bridge
Crompton, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Gandy's Street
Cunningham, Chas: Boot & Shoe Maker                             Preston Street
Davidge, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                St Martin's Lane
Flewellin, S: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 North Street
Gandy, Joseph: Boot & Shoe Maker                                249 Fore Street
George: Boot & Shoe Maker                                       227 Fore Street
Glenn, Saml: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  250 Fore Street
Herbert, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                79 South Street
Hill, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   16 Fore Street
Hooper, T: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    West Street
Hutchings, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Okehampton Street
Knight, Mark: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 David's Hill
Labdon, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 58 South Street
Langdon, Robt: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Paul Street
Langford, J: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Butcher Row
Maunder, Saml: Boot & Shoe Maker                                41 Fore Street
May, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    Holloway Street
May, Thomas: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Bear Lane
Miller: Boot & Shoe Maker                                       18 Fore Street
Moxhay, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 North Street
Pinn, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Guinea Street
Richards, Saml: Boot & Shoe Maker                               72 Fore Street
Rossiter, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Alphington Street
Scott: Boot & Shoe Maker                                        100 Fore Street
Sellick, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                268 Fore Street
Stacey, Edward: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Bedford Street
Steel, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  255 Fore Street
Thomas, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 St Sidwell
Tothill, J: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Mary Arches Street
Trescott, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                               North Street
Trump, R: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     Paul Street
Underhill, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                              West Street
Vatcher, Stephen: Boot & Shoe Maker                             St Sidwell
Warren, Andrew: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Catherine Street
Warren, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 St Sidwell
Way, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    147 Fore Street
Webber, Edwd: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Cowick Street
Wood, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   19 Fore Street
Wood, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     Okehampton Street
Woolcott, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 99 Fore Street
Woosley, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                New Bridge Street
Royal, Edwd: Brass Founder                                      Pancras Lane
Twiggs, Wm: Brass Founder                                       Paul Street
Collins, Robt: Brewer                                           Alphington Street
Dawe: Brewer                                                    Exe Island
Harding: Brewer                                                 Cowick Street
Hore: Brewer                                                    Alphington Street
Pinhey: Brewer                                                  Exe Island
Richards: Brewer                                                Cowick Street
White: Brewer                                                   Exe Island
Hopping, John: Brick & Tile Manufacturer                        St Sidwell
Horrell, W P: Brick & Tile Manufacturer                         St Sidwell
Phillips, J: Brick & Tile Manufacturer                          Mary Arches Street
Chapple, Edred: Bricklayer & Mason                              David's Hill
Chapple, J: Bricklayer & Mason                                  North Street
Chapple, Jas: Bricklayer & Mason                                South Street
Chapple, Wm: Bricklayer & Mason                                 Bartholomew Yard
Clark, Jas: Bricklayer & Mason                                  Paris Street
Edwards, W: Bricklayer & Mason                                  St Sidwell
Eyres, Thos: Bricklayer & Mason                                 North Street
Gill, J: Bricklayer & Mason                                     Paul Street
Glanville, John: Bricklayer & Mason                             North Street
Payne, Joseph: Bricklayer & Mason                               Rock Lane
Ralph, Rd: Bricklayer & Mason                                   Synagogue Place
Read, G: Bricklayer & Mason                                     Waterbeer Street
Skoines, Wm: Bricklayer & Mason                                 Exe Lane
Smith, Chas: Bricklayer & Mason                                 Shilhay
Southwood, John: Bricklayer & Mason                             St Sidwell
Sparkes, Wm: Bricklayer & Mason                                 Quay Lane
Stokes, Chas: Bricklayer & Mason                                Paris Street
Stokes, John: Bricklayer & Mason                                Quay Lane
Stokes, Thos: Bricklayer & Mason                                St Sidwell
Stoneman, Saml: Bricklayer & Mason                              St Sidwell
Trapnell, Josias: Bricklayer & Mason                            Longbrook Street
Trapnell, Josias: Bricklayer & Mason                            St Sidwell
Venton, Thos: Bricklayer & Mason                                Waterbeer Street
Allen, James: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                         Goldsmith Street
Bastow, Wm: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                           Waterbeer Street
Evans, David: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                         Bartholomew Street
Jenkins, Wm: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                          Butcher Row
Mihan, Thos: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                          St Sidwell
Nevett, Chas: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                         Paris Street
Nevett, G: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                            Waterbeer Street
Northam, W: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                           Bartholomew Street
Pleace, T: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                            Fore Street
Strang, R: Brightsmith & Bell Hanger                            West Quarter
Banks, Thos: Brush Maker                                        Butcher Row
Ellory, Wm: Brush Maker                                         West Street
Gubb, J: Brush Maker                                            Paul Street
Hornsey: Brush Maker                                            Fore Street
Manley, John: Brush Maker                                       Fore Street
Mortimer, Wm: Brush Maker                                       81 Fore Street
Squier, Thomas: Brush Maker                                     North Street
Tapley, Wm: Brush Maker                                         Hart's Row
Tucker, Edwd: Brush Maker                                       114 Fore Street
Welsford, Nathaniel: Brush Maker                                South Street
Wyatt: Brush Maker                                              Fore Street
Brown, John: Builder                                            Bedford Place
Chesterman, Wm: Builder                                         St Sidwell
Cole, Thos: Builder                                             Northernhay Street
Cornish, Robt: Builder                                          139 Fore Street
Endicott, George: Builder                                       71 South Street
Force, Chas: Builder                                            St Sidwell
Foster, Robt: Builder                                           West Quarter
Hedgeland, C: Builder                                           Bartholomew Street
Hooper, T: Builder                                              New Buildings
Hooper, Wm: Builder                                             13 Paris Street
Horrell, Thos Wills: Builder                                    North Street
Nosworthy, Thos: Builder                                        Southernhay
Powning, Henry: Builder                                         South Street
Rowe, Josh Coplestone: Builder                                  St John Street
Rowe, Josh H: Builder                                           12 Paris Street
Scott, John: Builder                                            Lower North Street
Tuckett, Edwd: Builder                                          Bartholomew Street
Wills, Wm: Builder                                              29 North Street
Bennett, Jas: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       106 Fore Street
Chapple, Chas: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      26 Holloway Street
Cross, Rd: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                          Paris Street
Endicott, J: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        Holloway Street
Force, Henry: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       Gandy Street
Gove, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         Mary Arches Street
Horrell, George: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                    Rock Lane
Howell, P: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                          Goldsmith Street
Lightfoot, Joshua: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                  South Street
Lloyd, David: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       Bartholomew Street
Lovell, Thos: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       Catherine Street
Major, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        90 Fore Street
Mann, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         127 Fore Street
Porter, Samuel: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                     206 Fore Street
Richards, J: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        161 Fore Street
Sanford, W: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         209 Fore Street
Soper, Saml: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        Bampfylde Street
Splatt, Francis: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                    Mary Arches Street
Street, Henry: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      St Sidwell
Taylor, Robt: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       253 Fore Street
Tucker, E: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                          Gandy's Street
Way, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                            Idol Lane
White, Benj: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        Butcher Row
Wills, Jasper: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      81 South Street
Wilson: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                             Cathedral Yard
Ayres, John: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Waterbeer Street
Back, John: Carpenter & Joiner                                  Catherine Street
Berrey, John: Carpenter & Joiner                                Preston Street
Berrey, Wm: Carpenter & Joiner                                  Preston Street
Bickford, Joseph: Carpenter & Joiner                            Silver Street
Brinsmead, Hugh: Carpenter & Joiner                             Hart's Row
Collins, John: Carpenter & Joiner                               Waterbeer Street
Crabb, T: Carpenter & Joiner                                    Old Bridge
Cudmore, Wm: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Stephen's Row
Eales, Edward: Carpenter & Joiner                               St Sidwell
Edwards, W: Carpenter & Joiner                                  St Sidwell
Facey, Hugh: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Rock Lane
Foster, Edmund: Carpenter & Joiner                              Exe Island
Gattey, Josh: Carpenter & Joiner                                St Sidwell
Havill, Henry: Carpenter & Joiner                               Paul Street
Lakeman, J: Carpenter & Joiner                                  Catherine Street
Millman, James: Carpenter & Joiner                              Preston Street
Mills, Benjamin: Carpenter & Joiner                             St Sidwell
Parkins, Wm: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Magdalene Street
Parrett, Wm: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Southernhay
Pepperell, Richard: Carpenter & Joiner                          Palace Street
Sanders, T: Carpenter & Joiner                                  Friernhay Street
Scanes, Richard: Carpenter & Joiner                             Exe Island
Simons, Thomas: Carpenter & Joiner                              Friernhay Street
Spicer, Robert: Carpenter & Joiner                              134 Fore Street
Steer, John: Carpenter & Joiner                                 Holloway Street
Treble, William: Carpenter & Joiner                             David's Hill
White, William: Carpenter & Joiner                              College
Winser, William: Carpenter & Joiner                             Paul Street
Alway, W: Carrier                                               Preston Street
Arscott: Carrier                                                Preston Street
Bartlett: Carrier                                               North Street
Bowden, J: Carrier                                              South Street
Bowers: Carrier                                                 South Street
Brice, J: Carrier                                               Upper Southernhay
Cann: Carrier                                                   Fore Street
Chadwell, J: Carrier                                            South Street
Chapple: Carrier                                                South Street
Chown, Robt: Carrier                                            South Street
Cock, J: Carrier                                                South Street
Cockram: Carrier                                                South Street
Cosway: Carrier                                                 South Street
Dallimore, G: Carrier                                           Castle Street
Dallimore, T: Carrier                                           Castle Street
Dart: Carrier                                                   North Street
Davey: Carrier                                                  North Street
Davis, Wm: Carrier                                              South Street
Durant: Carrier                                                 North Street
Finch: Carrier                                                  North Street
French: Carrier                                                 South Street
Fulford: Carrier                                                South Street
Gegg: Carrier                                                   South Street
Gill: Carrier                                                   South Street
Gordon: Carrier                                                 North Street
Govier: Carrier                                                 Preston Street
Gretland: Carrier                                               Preston Street
Halfyard: Carrier                                               Fore Street
Hamlin: Carrier                                                 Fore Street
Hammet: Carrier                                                 North Street
Handford, W: Carrier                                            South Street
Harden, R: Carrier                                              Fore Street
Harwood, Jas: Carrier                                           South Street
Harwood, John: Carrier                                          South Street
Hayne: Carrier                                                  Preston Street
Heard: Carrier                                                  Castle Street
Hoare: Carrier                                                  Mary Arches Street
James, Wm: Carrier                                              North Street
Kingwill: Carrier                                               South Street
Knight, J: Carrier                                              Preston Street
Leader: Carrier                                                 Preston Street
Ledger, G: Carrier                                              South Street
Lemon: Carrier                                                  North Street
Lidstone: Carrier                                               South Street
Lindsay: Carrier                                                South Street
Lipscombe: Carrier                                              Fore Street
Locke: Carrier                                                  Lower North Street
Mann: Carrier                                                   South Street
Medland, T: Carrier                                             South Street
Newberry: Carrier                                               South Street
Northam: Carrier                                                Preston Street
Northcott, R: Carrier                                           Fore Street
Pethybridge: Carrier                                            Mary Arches Street
Ponsford: Carrier                                               Fore Street
Potter: Carrier                                                 South Street
Pratt, Abraham: Carrier                                         Preston Street
Rice: Carrier                                                   North Street
Rudall: Carrier                                                 North Street
Russell: Carrier                                                South Street
Shears, J: Carrier                                              Preston Street
Shears, J: Carrier                                              South Street
Shears, W: Carrier                                              South Street
Skinner: Carrier                                                South Street
Smale, Robert: Carrier                                          Preston Street
Smale, Samuel: Carrier                                          Preston Street
Stone, Jn: Carrier                                              Fore Street
Stranger, R: Carrier                                            North Street
Symes: Carrier                                                  Goldsmith Street
Tapper, John: Carrier                                           Fore Street
Thorn: Carrier                                                  Fore Street
Tozer: Carrier                                                  South Street
Tucker, J: Carrier                                              Magdalene Street
Tuckett: Carrier                                                North Street
Vinnicombe: Carrier                                             Preston Street
Way, J: Carrier                                                 South Street
Wilkins, Geo: Carrier                                           South Street
Williams: Carrier                                               Preston Street
Wills, Robt: Carrier                                            Mary Arches Street
Wilson, S: Carrier                                              Magdalene Street
Wood: Carrier                                                   Fore Street
Woolcott: Carrier                                               South Street
Cole, Charles: Carver & Gilder                                  270 Fore Street
Duchemin, George: Carver & Gilder                               7 Fore Street
Ferguson, W S: Carver & Gilder                                  Bartholomew Street
Taylor, James: Carver & Gilder                                  94 Fore Street
Tosswill, John: Carver & Gilder                                 South Street
Tucker, William: Carver & Gilder                                Cathedral Yard
Foster, J: Chair Maker                                          West Quarter
Thoms, George: Chair Maker                                      14 Fore Street
Waldron, E: Chair Maker                                         Magdalene Street
Boycott, Thomas: Cheese Monger                                  Alphington Street
Brinley, Robert: Cheese Monger                                  North Street
Channing, William: Cheese Monger                                South Street
Commin, J: Cheese Monger                                        North Street
Diggines, George: Cheese Monger                                 Cowick Street
Harwood, William: Cheese Monger                                 David's Hill
Lendon, Robert: Cheese Monger                                   117 Fore Street
Pollard, William: Cheese Monger                                 Butcher Row
Stone, John: Cheese Monger                                      Gandy's Street
Taylor, William: Cheese Monger                                  44 South Street
Vicary, George: Cheese Monger                                   Palace Street
Welsford, Enos: Cheese Monger                                   130 Fore Street
Wilcocks, J: Cheese Monger                                      147 Fore Street
Gould: Child Bed Linen & Cap Warehouse                          North Street
Pollard: Child Bed Linen & Cap Warehouse                        North Street
Pyne, S: Child Bed Linen & Cap Warehouse                        5 New Bridge Street
Williams, M: Child Bed Linen & Cap Warehouse                    121 Fore Street
Cockerom, George: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer             159 Fore Street
Eardley, Edward: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer              238 Fore Street
Osborn, J D: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer                  198 Fore Street
Smalridge, Geo: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer               111 Fore Street
Smalridge, Mary Ann: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer          151 Fore Street
Green, James: Civil Engineer                                    Southernhay Place
Avent, John: Clothes Warehouse                                  West Street
Bowring, P: Clothes Warehouse                                   West Street
Campion, George: Clothes Warehouse                              West Street
Coleman, Elizabeth: Clothes Warehouse                           West Street
Darby: Clothes Warehouse                                        West Street
Davis, Lyon: Clothes Warehouse                                  Fore Street Hill
Moses: Clothes Warehouse                                        133 Fore Street
Reeves: Clothes Warehouse                                       West Street
Solomon: Clothes Warehouse                                      133 Fore Street
Strong, Richard: Clothes Warehouse                              119 Fore Street
Brown, John: Coach Maker                                        Bedford Place
Griffiths, Richard: Coach Maker                                 Catherine Street
Hayman, G: Coach Maker                                          100 St Sidwell
Hayman, I: Coach Maker                                          100 St Sidwell
Nosworthy, William: Coach Maker                                 Longbrook Street
Street, Richard: Coach Maker                                    Longbrook Street
Ward, Joseph: Coach Maker                                       Paris Street
Woodman, Saml: Coach Maker                                      Bedford Place
Bartlett, Jane: Coal Merchant                                   New Bridge Street
Bidwell: Coal Merchant                                          Alphington Street
Ebbels: Coal Merchant                                           St Leonards
Ellory, William: Coal Merchant                                  West Street
Fone, Frederick: Coal Merchant                                  Friars
Hine, William: Coal Merchant                                    New Bridge Street
Joslin, Samuel: Coal Merchant                                   Rock Lane
Legg, Richard: Coal Merchant                                    St Sidwell
Luxton, W: Coal Merchant                                        Hart's Row
Mitchell, John: Coal Merchant                                   Quay
Rodd, T: Coal Merchant                                          Lower Northernhay
Salter, Philip: Coal Merchant                                   Hart's Row
Taylor, Henry: Coal Merchant                                    Quay Lane
White, John: Coal Merchant                                      Magdalene Street
Bazzill, John: Comb Maker                                       Paul Street
Hancock, John: Comb Maker                                       Stepcote Hill
Larkworthy, Jas: Comb Maker                                     8 New Bridge Street
Larkworthy, Lavington: Comb Maker                               214 Fore Street
Holmes, Francis: Commission Agent                               Cathedral Yard
Johnson, M: Commission Warehouse                                244 Fore Street
Campion, Thos: Commissioner Of Special Bail                     Paul Street
Strong, Richd: Commissioner Of Special Bail                     Larkbeare
Burnell, Wm: Confectioner                                       265 Fore Street
Cuthbertson, Joseph: Confectioner                               57 Fore Street
Ford, James: Confectioner                                       152 Fore Street
Gooch, Thomas: Confectioner                                     247 Fore Street
Kenwood, Thomas: Confectioner                                   41 South Street
Marshall, William: Confectioner                                 Longbrook Street
Ocock, William: Confectioner                                    36 Fore Street
Roberts, Robert: Confectioner                                   248 Fore Street
Saunders, William: Confectioner                                 Longbrook Street
Smale, E: Confectioner                                          Cathedral Yard
Smale, M: Confectioner                                          Cathedral Yard
Thoms, William: Confectioner                                    10 Fore Street
Vickers, Mary: Confectioner                                     28 Fore Street
Bond, John: Cooper                                              Cowick Street
Buzzacott, Alexander: Cooper                                    New Market
Clark, James: Cooper                                            North Street
Gordon, John: Cooper                                            Friars
Halfyard, William: Cooper                                       Magdalene Street
Hayne, George: Cooper                                           Goldsmith Street
Hooper, William: Cooper                                         Catherine Street
Labdon: Cooper                                                  Waterbeer Street
Leathern, John: Cooper                                          Butcher Row
Lewis, J: Cooper                                                Cowick Street
Lewis, Samuel: Cooper                                           Paris Street
Lewis, Thomas: Cooper                                           Goldsmith Street
Newcombe, R: Cooper                                             Rock's Lane
Osborn, John: Cooper                                            West Quarter
Pince, T: Cooper                                                Holloway
Rowe, James: Cooper                                             St Sidwell
Selley: Cooper                                                  Waterbeer Street
Twiggs: Cooper                                                  256 Fore Street
Twiggs, J: Cooper                                               Exe Island
Bartlett, John: Coppersmith & Brazier                           Paul Street
Ferris, E: Coppersmith & Brazier                                102 Fore Street
Gaul, Rt: Coppersmith & Brazier                                 42 South Street
Kerslake, Wm: Coppersmith & Brazier                             83 Fore Street
Knight, Mark: Coppersmith & Brazier                             Paul Street
Mortimer, Wm: Cork Cutter                                       81 Fore Street
Tothill, John: Cork Cutter                                      Cowick Street
Vanstone, A: Corn Factor                                        Gandy's Street
Baker, Richard: Currier & Leather Cutter                        Butcher Row
Buxton, Edw: Currier & Leather Cutter                           32 New Bridge Street
Davy, Charles: Currier & Leather Cutter                         South Street
Ellis, John: Currier & Leather Cutter                           Goldsmith Street
Hern, Samuel: Currier & Leather Cutter                          North Street
Hill, William: Currier & Leather Cutter                         75 South Street
Hutchings, Thomas: Currier & Leather Cutter                     Cowick Street
Lendon, William: Currier & Leather Cutter                       Waterbeer Street
Rew, David: Currier & Leather Cutter                            North Street
Townsend, James: Currier & Leather Cutter                       83 South Street
Nurton, David: Cutler                                           Alphington Street
Smith, Richard: Cutler                                          Butcher Row
Dunsford, Richard: Cutler & Truss Manufacturer                  55 Fore Street
Fouracres, George: Cutler & Truss Manufacturer                  South Street
Hodge, J: Cutler & Truss Manufacturer                           North Street
Boardman, William: Dentist                                      265 Fore Street
Groves, Anthony N: Dentist                                      Northernhay
Lewis, James: Dentist                                           Paris Street
Rawling, Henry: Deputy Stamp Distributor                        Paul Street
Aunger, Wm: Draper                                              244 Fore Street
Pates, Wm: Draper                                               West Street
Ridge, Jas: Draper                                              Cathedral Yard
Ridge, Joseph: Draper                                           172 Fore Street
Trist, Saml: Draper                                             191 Fore Street
Westaway, Wm: Draper                                            188 Fore Street
Dyer, Robert: Druggist & Chemist                                212 Fore Street
Dyer, Thomas: Druggist & Chemist                                Cowick Street
Evans, Richd: Druggist & Chemist                                97 Fore Street
Froom, Wm: Druggist & Chemist                                   11 North Street
Greenslade, Robert: Druggist & Chemist                          36 South Street
Ham: Druggist & Chemist                                         187 Fore Street
Hill, John: Druggist & Chemist                                  196 Fore Street
Holman: Druggist & Chemist                                      187 Fore Street
Hooker, S: Druggist & Chemist                                   St Sidwell
Lee, Wm: Druggist & Chemist                                     66 Fore Street
Matthews, Henry: Druggist & Chemist                             101 Fore Street
Newton, Isaac: Druggist & Chemist                               210 Fore Street
Pearce, John: Druggist & Chemist                                83 St Sidwell
Phillips, Reuben: Druggist & Chemist                            174 Fore Street
Pitts, Thomas: Druggist & Chemist                               79 Fore Street
Pratt, Thomas: Druggist & Chemist                               259 Fore Street
Reeves, Horatio: Druggist & Chemist                             St John Street
Salter, John: Druggist & Chemist                                Fore Street
Smith, Thomas: Druggist & Chemist                               200 Fore Street
Street, Thomas: Druggist & Chemist                              New Bridge Street
Tanner, Nicholas: Druggist & Chemist                            26 Fore Street
Turner, George: Druggist & Chemist                              Waterbeer Street
Bennett, Christopher: Dyer                                      Exe Island
Bennett, John: Dyer                                             Paul Street
Cannon, R: Dyer                                                 Friars
Canterbury, Robt: Dyer                                          South Street
Ford, John: Dyer                                                Fore Street Hill
Gattey, William: Dyer                                           West Street
Poole, Samuel: Dyer                                             Ewings Lane
Tibbs, John: Dyer                                               23 New Bridge Street
Tucker, John S: Dyer                                            Sun Lane
Warren, G: Dyer                                                 Bartholomew Street
Worthy, James: Dyer                                             Exe Island
Rowdon, James: Edge Tool Manufacturer                           Olaves Square
Damerel, John: Engine, Lathe & Tool Manufacturer                St Sidwell's Terrace
Atkins, William: Engraver & Printer                             60 South Street
Cullum, Daniel: Engraver & Printer                              New Bridge Street
Rickard, Mary: Engraver & Printer                               33 Fore Street
Smith, Rd: Engraver & Printer                                   Fore Street (Excise Passage)
Welch, John: Engraver & Printer                                 North Street
Tanner, Jas: Fellmonger                                         Shilhay
Heacock, J: File Cutter                                         St Sidwell
Treadwin, John: Fire Office Agent (2)                           217 Fore Street
Trewman: Fire Office Agent (2)                                  226 Fore Street
Upham, Charles: Fire Office Agent (2)                           245 Fore Street
Pattison, Rt: Fire Office Agent (Albion)                        Post Office
Every, Rd: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                            Maddock's Row
Dymond, Robert: Fire Office Agent (Birmingham)                  New Bridge Street
Phillips, Nicholas: Fire Office Agent (British Commercial)      Mary Arches Street
Brown, John: Fire Office Agent (Eagle)                          Bedford Place
Ellicombe, H M: Fire Office Agent (European)                    Upper Southernhay Street
Sanders, Rt R: Fire Office Agent (Globe)                        Gandy Street
Dewdney, Wlm S: Fire Office Agent (Guardian)                    82 Fore Street
Sheppard, J D: Fire Office Agent (London Union)                 45 Fore Street
Hartnoll, Thos: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)               71 Fore Street
Kennaway, W B: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)               205 Fore Street
Kemp, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Sun)                               Cathedral Yard
Lewis, Charles: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)             Fore Street
Haynes, Sarah: Fishing Tackle Manufacturer                      Paul Street
Osborn, George: Fishing Tackle Manufacturer                     167 Fore Street
Osborn, Samuel: Fishing Tackle Manufacturer                     23 New Bridge Street
Townsend, Anthony: Fishing Tackle Manufacturer                  105 Fore Street
Gough, J: Flour Dealer                                          Guinea Street
Goodridge, M A: Fringe Manufacturer                             North Street
Bidgood, Charlotte: Fruiterer                                   Martin's Lane
Bowdon, Wm: Fruiterer                                           Holloway Street
Bustard, John: Fruiterer                                        Fore Street
Drake, M: Fruiterer                                             14 Fore Street
Mounsdon, Wm: Fruiterer                                         New Bridge Street
Strong, Jane: Fruiterer                                         222 Fore Street
Tucker, Hannah: Fruiterer                                       256 Fore Street
Bowering, Charles: Fuller                                       Larkbeare
Copp, George: Fuller                                            Exe Island
Dean, William: Fuller                                           Rock's Lane
Hayman, S: Fuller                                               Rock's Lane
Maunder, George: Fuller                                         Exe Island
Mugford, P: Fuller                                              Rock's Lane
Pearce, James: Fuller                                           Rack Lane
Saunders, Joseph: Fuller                                        Magdalene Street
Tricks, William: Fuller                                         South Street
Worthy, Jonathan: Fuller                                        Exe Island
Buckland, Wm: Furniture Broker                                  122 Fore Street
Burt, James: Furniture Broker                                   144 Fore Street
Cooper, Mary: Furniture Broker                                  114 Fore Street
Cross, John: Furniture Broker                                   138 Fore Street
Cross, S: Furniture Broker                                      118 Fore Street
Halson, John: Furniture Broker                                  Fore Street
Marwood, John: Furniture Broker                                 145 Fore Street
Nicholls, J: Furniture Broker                                   33 New Bridge Street
Paul, John: Furniture Broker                                    4 New Bridge Street
Paul, Sarah: Furniture Broker                                   Butcher Row
Presswell, Wm: Furniture Broker                                 136 Fore Street
Ford, John: Glazier                                             St John Street
Gould, Henry: Glazier                                           Alphington Street
Gould, John: Glazier                                            North Street
Parker, Wm: Glazier                                             4 Fore Street
Prouse, J: Glazier                                              Cathedral Yard
Warren, Chas: Glazier                                           Hart's Row
Gay, William: Glover                                            108 Fore Street
Newcombe, John: Glover                                          230 Fore Street
Phillips, John: Glover                                          52 Fore Street
Topwill: Grocer                                                 Fore Street
Ball, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                           Goldsmith Street
Batten, Benj: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                       Paris Street
Brownstone, Thos: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                   David's Hill
Burnett, Mary: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      David's Hill
Gitsham, Saml: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      124 New Bridge Street
Glass, John: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Sun Lane
Guest, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                          Cowick Street
Hall, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                           Paul Street
Harris, Chas: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                       St Sidwell
Harris, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         St Sidwell
Hart, Richd: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Holloway Street
Hern, Saml: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         Magdalene Street
Hooper, Henry: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      Bartholomew Street
Hooper, W: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                          St Sidwell
Ireland, J: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         Alphington Street
Langsford, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      Cowick Street
Lemon, John: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Rock's Lane
Luckey, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         78 Fore Street
Maddeford, Henry: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                   South Street
Martin, George: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                     Paris Street
May, Saml: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                          73 South Street
Morgan, Jas: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Paul Street
Murch, M: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                           St Sidwell
Phillips, Jas: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      Catherine Street
Pince, Thos: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Holloway Street
Pinkstone, Rd: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      New Bridge Street
Pomeroy, George: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                    Paris Street
Pridham, Peter: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                     Milk Lane
Rich, E: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                            69 Fore Street
Rich, S: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                            69 Fore Street
Roberts, Sarah: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                     St Sidwell
Routley, G: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         Goldsmith Street
Sanders, John: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      Goldsmith Street
Snow, John: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         Bedford Street
Spencer, Abraham: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                   St Sidwell
Street, Wm: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         St Sidwell
Toms, Mary: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                         Castle Street
Turner, Henry: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      Longbrook Street
Whiddon, John: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                      South Street
Youd, James: Grocer & Dealer In Sundries                        Paris Street
Arthur, Samuel: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             North Street
Ash, Edward: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                86 North Street
Bodley, Chas: Grocer & Tea Dealer                               41 South Street
Cornish, Saml: Grocer & Tea Dealer                              47 Fore Street
Cowell, William: Grocer & Tea Dealer                            69 South Street
Dewdney, Richard: Grocer & Tea Dealer                           82 Fore Street
Dinham, John: Grocer & Tea Dealer                               84 Fore Street
Discombe, William: Grocer & Tea Dealer                          St Sidwell
Force, Edward B: Grocer & Tea Dealer                            North Street
Froom, William: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             11 North Street
Gould, Wm: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                  40 Fore Street
Hitchcock, David: Grocer & Tea Dealer                           142 Fore Street
Holesgrove: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                 86 Fore Street
Luke, H: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                    35 Fore Street
Luke, W P: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                  35 Fore Street
Matthews, Henry: Grocer & Tea Dealer                            101 Fore Street
Mclean, Archibald: Grocer & Tea Dealer                          9 New Bridge Street
Newman: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                     182 Fore Street
Parsons, Henry: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             168 Fore Street
Paul, Richard: Grocer & Tea Dealer                              60 Fore Street
Ranson, John Luce: Grocer & Tea Dealer                          28 North Street
Reynolds, S: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                David's Hill
Rich, Philip: Grocer & Tea Dealer                               86 South Street
Sharland, John: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             43 Fore Street
Spreat, Sarah: Grocer & Tea Dealer                              St Sidwell
Tosswill: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                   86 Fore Street
Treffry, Henry: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             170 Fore Street
Trowt, Robt Pearce: Grocer & Tea Dealer                         16 South Street
Tucker, J: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                  135 Fore Street
Tucker, Thomas: Grocer & Tea Dealer                             241 Fore Street
Tucker, W: Grocer & Tea Dealer                                  135 Fore Street
Welsford, Nathaniel: Grocer & Tea Dealer                        South Street
Westlake, Robert: Grocer & Tea Dealer                           New Bridge Street
Wilcocks, David: Grocer & Tea Dealer                            New Bridge
Wippell, Joseph: Grocer & Tea Dealer                            175 Fore Street
Harvey, John: Gun & Pistol Manufacturer                         68 South Street
Hewson, Wm: Gun & Pistol Manufacturer                           91 North Street
Clark, S E: Haberdasher                                         63 Fore Street
Dinneford, Elizabeth: Haberdasher                               57 Fore Street
Higgs, Jno S: Haberdasher                                       76 Fore Street
Medland, Thos: Haberdasher                                      234 Fore Street
Pendell, John: Haberdasher                                      157 Fore Street
Pink, Hannah: Haberdasher                                       13 Fore Street
Pope, B P: Haberdasher                                          71 South Street
Portbury, Robt: Haberdasher                                     Paul Street
Sheppard, J D: Haberdasher                                      45 Fore Street
Tapley, E: Haberdasher                                          46 Fore Street
Tricks, Wm: Haberdasher                                         South Street
Thomas, John: Hair Cloth Manufacturer                           Magdalene Street
Cunningham, Chas: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                     Goldsmith Street
Jefferson, Rd: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                        Paul Street
Lott, Jas: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                            37 Fore Street
Meadon, John: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                         156 Fore Street
Passmore, Wm: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                         North Street
Pickard, John: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                        213 Fore Street
Rutlidge, Thos: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                       12 Fore Street
Stark: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                                Southernhay Street
Upham, Chas: Hat Manufacturer & Dealer                          62 Fore Street
Bond, Wm: Herald Painter                                        St Sidwell
Bowden, Edw: Herald Painter                                     Mary's Yard
Downey, Joseph: Hop Merchant                                    South Street
Patch: Hop Merchant                                             Mary Arches Street
Prideaux: Hop Merchant                                          Waterbeer Street
Smith, Thos: Hop Merchant                                       200 Fore Street
Square: Hop Merchant                                            Waterbeer Street
Knight, Jas Luke: Hose Manufacturer                             75 Fore Street
Townsend, Wm: Hose Manufacturer                                 Rack Lane
Underhill, Wm: Hose Manufacturer                                Lower North Street
Bartrum: Hosier                                                 227 Fore Street
George: Hosier                                                  227 Fore Street
Pullen: Hosier                                                  St Sidwell
Smallridge, Wm: Hosier                                          44 Fore Street
Symes, John Lloyd: Hosier                                       21 New Bridge Street
Veysey, Wm: Hosier                                              49 Fore Street
Hutchings: Hot Presser                                          Magdalene Street
Hutton, Jas: Hot Presser                                        Magdalene Street
Legg, John: Hot Presser                                         Coombe Street
Matthews, Wm: Hot Presser                                       Magdalene Street
Symons: Hot Presser                                             Magdalene Street
Bodley, George: Iron Founder                                    Quay
Huxham, Wm: Iron Founder                                        Quay
Kingdon, Saml: Iron Founder                                     190 Fore Street
Kingdon, Wm: Iron Founder                                       190 Fore Street
Northam, James: Iron Founder                                    Alphington Street
Beal, Wm: Iron Monger                                           25 North Street
Clapp, Wm: Iron Monger                                          184 Fore Street
Coldridge, Charles: Iron Monger                                 224 Fore Street
Damerel, Wm: Iron Monger                                        260 Fore Street
Gard, John S: Iron Monger                                       204 Fore Street
Gaul, Robt: Iron Monger                                         42 South Street
Gollop, Robt Nesbit: Iron Monger                                48 Fore Street
Helmore, Mark: Iron Monger                                      158 Fore Street
Kingdon, Saml: Iron Monger                                      190 Fore Street
Kingdon, Wm: Iron Monger                                        190 Fore Street
Luke, John: Iron Monger                                         93 Fore Street
Molland, John: Iron Monger                                      Waterbeer Street
Pitt, William: Iron Monger                                      162 Fore Street
Wippell, George: Iron Monger                                    231 Fore Street
Townsend, J: Italian Warehouse                                  21 Fore Street
Seward, Geo: Lace Dealer                                        Cathedral Yard
Kingdon, Francis: Lace & Fringe Manufacturer                    24 Fore Street
Davis, H: Lace Manufacturer                                     Cathedral Yard
Coldridge, John: Land Surveyor                                  St Leonard's
Dean, James: Land Surveyor                                      David's Hill
Dymond, Robt: Land Surveyor                                     4 New Bridge Street
Pascoe, John: Land Surveyor                                     Palace Street
Squance, John: Librarian (Devon & Exeter Institution)           Cathedral Yard
Braund, G: Linen Draper (Retail)                                192 Fore Street
Braund, J: Linen Draper (Retail)                                192 Fore Street
Butt, Saml: Linen Draper (Retail)                               Alphington Street
Colson, John: Linen Draper (Retail)                             14 Fore Street
Copp: Linen Draper (Retail)                                     54 Fore Street
Culverwell: Linen Draper (Retail)                               74 South Street
Drew, Thos: Linen Draper (Retail)                               39 Fore Street
Dymond: Linen Draper (Retail)                                   New Bridge Street
Hake: Linen Draper (Retail)                                     23 Fore Street
Halsey: Linen Draper (Retail)                                   136 Fore Street
Holwell: Linen Draper (Retail)                                  136 Fore Street
Horswill, Richd: Linen Draper (Retail)                          North Street
Hutchins, Ann: Linen Draper (Retail)                            181 Fore Street
Joce, Saml: Linen Draper (Retail)                               154 Fore Street
Josland, R: Linen Draper (Retail)                               173 Fore Street
Lang, John: Linen Draper (Retail)                               98 Fore Street
Lewellin: Linen Draper (Retail)                                 233 Fore Street
Lowthian, George: Linen Draper (Retail)                         131 Fore Street
Pearse, James: Linen Draper (Retail)                            171 Fore Street
Pittman, James: Linen Draper (Retail)                           59 Fore Street
Rawlings, Jas: Linen Draper (Retail)                            72 South Street
Rowe, Christopher: Linen Draper (Retail)                        74 Fore Street
Sercombe, Jno Clampitt: Linen Draper (Retail)                   243 Fore Street
Stright, Thos: Linen Draper (Retail)                            68 Fore Street
Tory: Linen Draper (Retail)                                     54 Fore Street
Truman: Linen Draper (Retail)                                   233 Fore Street
Veysey, H H: Linen Draper (Retail)                              51 Fore Street
Wilcocks, J M: Linen Draper (Retail)                            104 Fore Street
Wilcocks, Jas Carrall: Linen Draper (Retail)                    178 Fore Street
Allan, Robt: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                           Alphington Street
Bastard, R: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                            West Street
Bastard, W: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                            West Street
Hake, Wm: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                              123 Fore Street
Hyde, Seth: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                            Castle Street
Pye: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                                   229 High Street
Sanders: Linen Draper (Wholesale)                               50 Fore Street
Penny: Lottery Office Agent (Bish)                              181 Fore Street
Mack, Ths: Lottery Office Agent (Carroll)                       91 Fore Street
Sheppard, J D: Lottery Office Agent (Hazard & Co)               45 Fore Street
Curson, Wm: Lottery Office Agent (Sivewright & Co)              17 Fore Street
Balle, Thos: Lottery Office Agent (Swift & Co)                  89 Fore Street
Treadwin, John: Lottery Office Agent (Webb)                     217 Fore Street
Baker, Wm: Machine Maker                                        Bartholomew Yard
Fewings, Thos: Machine Maker                                    Bartholomew Yard
Ford, John: Machine Maker                                       Bartholomew Street
Hotton, Wm: Machine Maker                                       Paul Street
Knowling, Wm: Machine Maker                                     Bartholomew Street
Toby, T: Machine Maker                                          Lower North Street
Baker, Francis: Maltster                                        St Sidwell
Brutton, Joseph: Maltster                                       Rack Lane
Harding: Maltster                                               Cowick Street
Jordon, Robt: Maltster                                          David's Hill
Mallett, Joseph: Maltster                                       West Quarter
Ratcliffe, Joseph: Maltster                                     149 Fore Street
Rice, John: Maltster                                            Hart's Row
Richards: Maltster                                              Cowick Street
Shears, George: Maltster                                        St Sidwells
Courtenay, William: Member Of Parliament
Newman, William Robert: Member Of Parliament
Bennett: Merchant                                               Holloway Street
Bidwell: Merchant                                               Alphington Street
Cole, John: Merchant                                            Barnfield Crescent
Cox, J J: Merchant                                              Friars
Creswell, Jas: Merchant                                         Magdalene Street
Davy, Robt: Merchant                                            Palace Street
Dymond, John: Merchant                                          4 New Bridge Street
Glyde, J L: Merchant                                            Okehampton Street
Kennaway, Abrm: Merchant                                        Holloway Street
Maunder, Wm: Merchant                                           Morchard Bishop
Milford: Merchant                                               Little Southernhay Lane
Pidgley, John: Merchant                                         Rock's Lane
Shute, Geo: Merchant                                            Exwick
Tremlett: Merchant                                              David's Hill
Vicary: Merchant                                                Holloway Street
Worthy, Richd: Merchant                                         Exe Island
Adams: Miller                                                   Cricklepit Mills
Fulford, Wm: Miller                                             Ewing's Lane
Horsham, Jas: Miller                                            New Bridge Street
Manning: Miller                                                 Cricklepit Mills
Ratcliffe, Joseph: Miller                                       Head Weir
Strong, Jas: Miller                                             Powey Mills
Tucker, J: Miller                                               Exwick
Tucker, W: Miller                                               Exwick
Bowchers, A: Milliner                                           Fore Street
Bowchers, M: Milliner                                           Fore Street
Bright: Milliner                                                St Sidwell
Davies, E: Milliner                                             73 Fore Street
Dicker, Elizabeth: Milliner                                     North Street
Ellis, Mary: Milliner                                           Lower North Street
Evans, Sarah: Milliner                                          Martin's Lane
Featherstone, Ann: Milliner                                     67 Fore Street
Gard, M: Milliner                                               53 Fore Street
Gard, S: Milliner                                               53 Fore Street
Hardwick, S: Milliner                                           New Bridge Street
Harker: Milliner                                                58 Fore Street
Hern, Elizabeth: Milliner                                       Paul Street
Higgs: Milliner                                                 220 Fore Street
Kerslake, E: Milliner                                           83 Fore Street
Kerslake, J: Milliner                                           83 Fore Street
Langworthy, M: Milliner                                         161 Fore Street
Langworthy, S: Milliner                                         161 Fore Street
Norrington, E: Milliner                                         18 Fore Street
Osborn, Grace: Milliner                                         239 Fore Street
Osborn, Wilmott: Milliner                                       167 Fore Street
Pepperell: Milliner                                             58 Fore Street
Pike, Mary: Milliner                                            235 Fore Street
Sanders, M: Milliner                                            St Sidwell
Seward, Mary: Milliner                                          Cathedral Yard
Skinner, Harriet: Milliner                                      Hart's Row
Snell: Milliner                                                 220 Fore Street
Spreat: Milliner                                                St Sidwell
Stright, Julia: Milliner                                        68 Fore Street
Tapley, A: Milliner                                             189 Fore Street
Tricks, Harriet: Milliner                                       South Street
Vicary, Mary: Milliner                                          28 New Bridge Street
Woodberry, Mary Ann: Milliner                                   69 Fore Street
Adams, Saml: Millwright                                         Frog Lane
Richardson: Millwright                                          Ewing's Lane
Richardson, A: Millwright                                       St Sidwell
Pilbrow, Tycho: Music Repository                                150 Fore Street
Scott, Daniel: Nail Maker                                       Cowick Street
Scott, John: Nail Maker                                         West Street
Cullum, Robert: Newspaper (Alfred)                              Goldsmith Street
: Newspaper (Devonshire Freeholder)                             205 High Street
Bond, R: Newspaper (Devonshire Freeholder)                      Fore Street
Besley, Thomas: Newspaper (Exeter News)                         Fore Street
Woolmer, Edwd: Newspaper (Exeter & Plymouth Gazette)            Fore Street
Trewman: Newspaper (Flying Post)                                Fore Street
Findell, Ths: Newspaper (Western Luminary)                      Gandy's Street
Addiscott: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                          Alphington Street
Chown: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                              Alphington Street
Cox, Wm: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                            65 Fore Street
Dymond, Geo: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                        New Bridge Street
Ford, Wm: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                           Longbrook Street
Lucombe: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                            New Bridge
Prince: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                             New Bridge
Sclater, Chas: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                      Southernhay
Sclater, John: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                      Paris Street
Turner, James: Nursery, Seedsman & Florist                      Exe Lane
Abraham, A E: Optician                                          264 Fore Street
Ezekiels, A: Optician                                           179 Fore Street
Ezekiels, C: Optician                                           179 Fore Street
Barnes, Samuel: Organ & Piano Forte Manufacturer                Paul Street
Brooking: Organ & Piano Forte Manufacturer                      Gandy's Street
Clow, J: Painter                                                Friernhay Street
Davey: Painter                                                  38 South Street
Davis, Wm: Painter                                              Bartholomew Street
Davis, Wm: Painter                                              Friernhay Street
Gale, Thomas: Painter                                           South Street
Green, Geo: Painter                                             Cowick Street
Huxtable, James: Painter                                        146 Fore Street
Kingwell, James: Painter                                        Cowick Street
Lyne, Wm: Painter                                               Magdalene Street
Street, John: Painter                                           Paris Street
Taylor, J: Painter                                              Idol Lane
Vinnicombe, Robt: Painter                                       80 South Street
Willey, J: Painter                                              St Sidwell
Clow, Thos: Painter & Glazier                                   North Street
Connett, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                  Little Southernhay Lane
Dipstale, Chas: Painter & Glazier                               71 South Street
Gould, Ann: Painter & Glazier                                   9 South Street
Holwell, Chas: Painter & Glazier                                Bear Lane
Johnson, J: Painter & Glazier                                   Stephen's Bow
Mitchell, Thomas: Painter & Glazier                             Paul Street
Norris, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                   North Street
Passmore, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                 St Sidwell
Popham, J H: Painter & Glazier                                  Catherine Street
Pridman, Chas: Painter & Glazier                                St Sidwell
Rice: Painter & Glazier                                         Mary Arches Street
Roberts, John: Painter & Glazier                                Cathedral Yard
Thorn: Painter & Glazier                                        Waterbeer Street
Webber, Thos: Painter & Glazier                                 Magdalene Street
White, Joseph: Painter & Glazier                                79 St Sidwell
Kingdon, T M: Paper Hang., Carpet & Floor Cloth Warehouse       189 Fore Street
Hodge, John: Paper Maker                                        Marsh Mills
Oxenham, Hugh: Paper Maker                                      South Street
Pim, T B: Paper Maker                                           Exwick
Thomas, Rbt: Paper Maker                                        Head Weir Mills
Gover, R: Patten & Bellows Manufacturer                         North Street
Cotterell, Rbt: Patten & Last Manufacturer                      165 Fore Street
Mortimer, Wm: Patten Manufacturer                               81 Fore Street
Jacobs, Morris: Pawnbroker                                      Butcher Row
Johnson, Moses: Pawnbroker                                      6 Fore Street
Levy: Pawnbroker                                                137 Fore Street
Pearce, Wm: Pawnbroker                                          Mint Lane
Reeves, George: Pawnbroker                                      St John Street
Jacobs, Jacob: Pen & Quill Manufacturer                         5 Hart's Row
Ball, G R: Perfumer                                             254 Fore Street
Chave, Saml: Perfumer                                           Cathedral Yard
Nicholls, John: Perfumer                                        269 Fore Street
Piper, Wm: Perfumer                                             238 Fore Street
Blackall, John: Physician                                       Cathedral Yard (New Cut)
Collins, Edwd: Physician                                        230 Fore Street
Granger, Frederick: Physician                                   Castle Street
Miller, Patrick: Physician                                      Upper Southernhay Place
Pennell: Physician                                              10 Bedford Circus
Chapman, Geo: Piano Forte Repairer & Turner                     Fore Street
Gliddon, J: Plane Manufacturer                                  Fore Street
Burnett, John: Plumber                                          164 Fore Street
Downe, Wm: Plumber                                              South Street
Luscombe, J W: Plumber                                          St Sidwell
Rouse, J: Plumber                                               Paul Street
Measor, Paul: Post Master                                       Bedford Street
Channing, John: Poulterer                                       Bedford Street
Pike, Susan: Poulterer                                          Milk Lane
Spark, John: Poulterer                                          Milk Lane
Spark, Robt: Poulterer                                          Martin's Lane
Stevens, Wm: Poulterer                                          Catherine Street
Bond, Robt: Printer                                             Fore Street
Featherstone, Wm: Printer                                       67 Fore Street
Flindell, Thos: Printer                                         Gandy's Street
Pollard, Wm: Printer                                            North Street
Woolmer, Edwd: Printer                                          Fore Street
Ellard, James: Proctor                                          Mary's Yard
Force, John: Proctor                                            Mint
Kemp, Wm: Proctor                                               Mary's Yard
Rouse, George: Pump Maker                                       Bartholomew Yard
Scanes, Thomas: Pump Maker                                      Cowick Street
Ramster, Wm: Rag Merchant                                       St Sidwell
Burn, Wm: Rope Maker                                            Holloway Street
Clogg, John: Rope Maker                                         Cowick Street
Hill, James: Rope Maker                                         St Sidwell
Phillips, John: Rope Maker                                      St Sidwell
Snow, John: Rope Maker                                          St Sidwell
Elliott: Saddle Tree Maker                                      Paris Street
Jeffery, Jacob: Saddle Tree Maker                               St Sidwell
Lake: Saddle Tree Maker                                         Paris Street
Badcock, Wm: Saddler & Harness Maker                            North Street
Bess, Simon: Saddler & Harness Maker                            St Sidwell
Cooke: Saddler & Harness Maker                                  5 Fore Street
Escott, James: Saddler & Harness Maker                          155 Fore Street
Franklin, Michael: Saddler & Harness Maker                      271 Fore Street
Harker, Thos: Saddler & Harness Maker                           155 Fore Street
Hayter, Chas: Saddler & Harness Maker                           82 St Sidwell
Howard, Wm: Saddler & Harness Maker                             Alphington Street
Pope, J: Saddler & Harness Maker                                Hart's Row
Quick, John: Saddler & Harness Maker                            88 Fore Street
Reed, John: Saddler & Harness Maker                             Holloway Street
Roper, Alexander: Saddler & Harness Maker                       47 South Street
Roper, John: Saddler & Harness Maker                            73 South Street
Sharland, Richd: Saddler & Harness Maker                        St Sidwell
Sharland, Thos: Saddler & Harness Maker                         Old Bridge
Strong, Wm: Saddler & Harness Maker                             27 Fore Street
Commin, J: Salt Dealer                                          North Street
Cross, Henry: Salt Dealer                                       77 Fore Street
Parsons, Henry: Salt Dealer                                     168 Fore Street
Phillips, Reuben: Salt Dealer                                   174 Fore Street
Tucker, J: Salt Dealer                                          168 Fore Street
Tucker, W: Salt Dealer                                          168 Fore Street
Welsford, Enos: Salt Dealer                                     130 Fore Street
Hake, Wm: Serge Manufacturer                                    123 Fore Street
Worthy, R: Serge Manufacturer                                   Exe Island
Adams, Edwd Hewish: Silversmith & Jeweller                      38 Fore Street
Davis, M: Silversmith & Jeweller                                151 Fore Street
Davis, S: Silversmith & Jeweller                                151 Fore Street
Ferris, George: Silversmith & Jeweller                          166 Fore Street
Fowler, John: Silversmith & Jeweller                            Paul Street
Hicks, Joseph: Silversmith & Jeweller                           Friars
Jenkins, Alexander: Silversmith & Jeweller                      Longbrook Street
Jenkins, Wm: Silversmith & Jeweller                             St Sidwell
Levy, E: Silversmith & Jeweller                                 Cowick Street
Mayel, Wm: Silversmith & Jeweller                               185 Fore Street
Maynard, Edwd: Silversmith & Jeweller                           Mary Arches Street
Osment, James: Silversmith & Jeweller                           Mary Arches Street
Parkin, Isaac: Silversmith & Jeweller                           Exe Island
Scardon, John: Silversmith & Jeweller                           Gandy's Street
Sweet, John: Silversmith & Jeweller                             Pancras Lane
Trist, Joseph: Silversmith & Jeweller                           61 Fore Street
Turner, G: Silversmith & Jeweller                               Rack Lane
Webber, George: Silversmith & Jeweller                          Hart's Row
Welch, W: Silversmith & Jeweller                                Bartholomew Yard
Bartrum, Henry: Spirit Dealer                                   203 Fore Street
Bowcher, John: Spirit Dealer                                    71 Fore Street
Godfrey, John: Spirit Dealer                                    Friernhay Street
Gover, N: Spirit Dealer                                         North Street
Hayman, Richard: Spirit Dealer                                  South Street
Page, George: Spirit Dealer                                     7 New Bridge Street
Scanes, Ann: Spirit Dealer                                      Waterbeer Street
Landray, Wm: Stationer                                          103 Fore Street
Mack, Thos: Stationer                                           91 Fore Street
Davey, Thos: Statuary & Mason                                   Magdalene Street
Emes, Mary: Statuary & Mason                                    34 New Bridge Street
Jagger, Joshua: Statuary & Mason                                Gandy's Street
Kendell, John: Statuary & Mason                                 Longbrook Street
Pierce, Robt: Statuary & Mason                                  Bartholomew Street
Pierce, Wm: Statuary & Mason                                    Okehampton Street
Richards, James: Statuary & Mason                               St Sidwell
Stephens, James: Statuary & Mason                               112 Fore Street
Burbridge, S: Stay Maker                                        29 New Bridge Street
Cutland, E: Stay Maker                                          26 New Bridge Street
Davis, M: Stay Maker                                            Mint Lane
Davis, S: Stay Maker                                            Mint Lane
Lear, E: Stay Maker                                             Synagogue Place
Norrington, M: Stay Maker                                       New Buildings
Pearce, Joanna: Stay Maker                                      Holloway Street
Bigg, J: Straw Hat Maker                                        137 Fore Street
Bradbear, Sarah: Straw Hat Maker                                South Street
Cook, Mary: Straw Hat Maker                                     225 Fore Street
Davy, E: Straw Hat Maker                                        Cathedral Yard
Discombe, Catherine: Straw Hat Maker                            251 Fore Street
Drake, Sarah: Straw Hat Maker                                   Paris Street
Dunsford: Straw Hat Maker                                       165 Fore Street
Harris, Sarah: Straw Hat Maker                                  25 New Bridge Street
Lake, Elizabeth: Straw Hat Maker                                North Street
Lascelles, Elizabeth: Straw Hat Maker                           Cathedral Yard
Manning, Sarah: Straw Hat Maker                                 107 Fore Street
Marchant, Martha: Straw Hat Maker                               128 Fore Street
Pyne, S: Straw Hat Maker                                        5 New Bridge Street
Richards: Straw Hat Maker                                       165 Fore Street
Rickard, Mary: Straw Hat Maker                                  33 Fore Street
Salter, E: Straw Hat Maker                                      Hart's Row
Southey, Ann: Straw Hat Maker                                   South Street
Spicer, S: Straw Hat Maker                                      124 Fore Street
Symes, Mary: Straw Hat Maker                                    21 Fore Street
Symons, Sarah: Straw Hat Maker                                  39 South Street
Tapley, E: Straw Hat Maker                                      46 Fore Street
Amory, G: Surgeon & Apothecary                                  North Street
Barnes, S: Surgeon & Apothecary                                 Barnfield Crescent
Boyce, Wm: Surgeon & Apothecary                                 Cowick Street
De La Garde, Philip C: Surgeon & Apothecary                     St Sidwell
Eaton, G B: Surgeon & Apothecary                                Southernhay Place
Farrant, Wm: Surgeon & Apothecary                               Bedford Street
Harris, Jn: Surgeon & Apothecary                                Crescent Row, Southernhay
Hunter, Thos: Surgeon & Apothecary                              92 Paris Street
James, J H: Surgeon & Apothecary                                Cathedral Yard
Johnson, B W: Surgeon & Apothecary                              Bradninch
Kingdon, W P: Surgeon & Apothecary                              153 Fore Street
Land, Wm: Surgeon & Apothecary                                  St Sidwell
Luscombe, Samuel: Surgeon & Apothecary                          Gandy's Street
May, George H: Surgeon & Apothecary                             New Bridge
Pridham, E P: Surgeon & Apothecary                              South Street
Stabback, J H: Surgeon & Apothecary                             154 Fore Street
Street, Thos: Surgeon & Apothecary                              New Bridge Street
Tucker, John: Surgeon & Apothecary                              Bampfylde Street
Walkey, Saml: Surgeon & Apothecary                              Upper Southernhay Place
Williams, Edwin: Surgeon & Apothecary                           Paul Street
Alford, Chas: Tailor                                            Rock's Lane
Aunger, George: Tailor                                          Paul Street
Aunger, Jas: Tailor                                             King's Alley
Badcock, John: Tailor                                           Allhallow's Court
Balson, T: Tailor                                               David's Hill
Brown, Edwd: Tailor                                             Waterbeer Street
Burn, Wm: Tailor                                                5 Fore Street
Burnett, Chas: Tailor                                           Waterbeer Street
Butchers, Thos: Tailor                                          Mint Lane
Carpenter, Thos: Tailor                                         St Sidwell
Chapple, Robt: Tailor                                           College
Collins, Chas: Tailor                                           New Bridge Street
Cousins, John: Tailor                                           New Bridge Street
Edwards, John: Tailor                                           Fore Street
Fenwick, J: Tailor                                              Gandy's Street
Fenwick, W: Tailor                                              Goldsmith Street
French, Robt: Tailor                                            Hart's Row
Hake, John: Tailor                                              Rock's Lane
Hake, Wm: Tailor                                                Waterbeer Street
Hewish, John: Tailor                                            South Street
Kemp, S: Tailor                                                 Cathedral Yard
Lake, G C: Tailor                                               Castle Street
Lavis, N: Tailor                                                Mary's Yard
Presswell, C: Tailor                                            Mint Lane
Prickman, Thos: Tailor                                          48 South Street
Rippon, John: Tailor                                            Southernhay
Sampson, Frs: Tailor                                            Mint Lane
Snell: Tailor                                                   Martin's Lane
Southwood, Jas: Tailor                                          St Sidwell
Street, Thos: Tailor                                            St Sidwell
Titt, Francis: Tailor                                           30 New Bridge Street
Tolley, John: Tailor                                            Mary Arches Street
Underhill, Saml: Tailor                                         West Street
Welsford, Saml: Tailor                                          St Sidwell
Westaway, Daniel: Tailor                                        Okehampton Street
Westbeare, John: Tailor                                         Magdalene Street
Wilmott, Henry: Tailor                                          Rack Lane
Yelland, George: Tailor                                         Paris Street
Ash, Edw: Tallow Chandler                                       86 North Street
Brailey, Henry: Tallow Chandler                                 St Sidwell
Dobell, Wm: Tallow Chandler                                     Paul Street
Goodridge, W: Tallow Chandler                                   Guinea Street
Langdon, Jas: Tallow Chandler                                   Alphington Street
Thomas, Robt: Tallow Chandler                                   Frog Lane
Toms, Thos: Tallow Chandler                                     50 South Street
Tuckett, Nicholas: Tallow Chandler                              163 Fore Street
Francis, Jas: Tanner                                            Painter's Row
Rew, Jas: Tanner                                                Lion's Holt
Underhey, Wm: Tanner                                            Heavitree
Mare, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Acorn)                                  Magdalene Street
Tucker, John: Tavern/Inn (Allhallows New Inn)                   Bartholomew Street
Foster, E: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)                                  Exe Island
Gooding, J: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)                                 Paul Street
Russell, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)                               Alphington Street
Sandford, John: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)                             Castle Street
Binford, T: Tavern/Inn (Antelope)                               St Sidwell
Watts, Mich: Tavern/Inn (Axminster Inn)                         Paris Street
How, R: Tavern/Inn (Barley Mow)                                 Cowick Street
Harding, W: Tavern/Inn (Barnstable Inn)                         North Street
Winter, W: Tavern/Inn (Bishop Blaze)                            West Quarter
Finch, J: Tavern/Inn (Black Dog)                                Holloway Street
Dennis, Josh: Tavern/Inn (Black Horse)
Taylor, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Black Horse)                           Longbrook Street
Kingwell, Rt: Tavern/Inn (Black Lions)                          South Street
Bromell, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Black-A-Moor's Head)                 West Street
Jury, G: Tavern/Inn (Blue Boar's Head)                          Magdalene Street
Baxter, Sarah: Tavern/Inn (Blue Boy)                            West Quarter
Pridham, J: Tavern/Inn (Bristol Inn)                            St Sidwell
Hart, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Britannia)                              South Street
Sandford, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Bull)                               Goldsmith Street
Hewitt, John: Tavern/Inn (Buller's Arms)                        St Sidwell
Bowditch, E: Tavern/Inn (Butchers' Arms)                        Butchers' Row
Channon, Elisha: Tavern/Inn (Carpenters' Arms)                  West Quarter
Elliott, H: Tavern/Inn (Castle Inn)                             Fore Street
Perry, E: Tavern/Inn (Chair)                                    Waterbeer Street
Badcock, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Coach & Horses)                       St Sidwell
Ford, Sus: Tavern/Inn (College Kitchen)                         South Street
Pain, R: Tavern/Inn (Commercial Inn)                            Waterbeer Street
Roach, Sl: Tavern/Inn (Cornish Arms)                            Quay Gate
Davis, J: Tavern/Inn (Country House)                            Catherine Street
Way, J: Tavern/Inn (Crediton Inn)                               Paul Street
Knight, W: Tavern/Inn (Cross Keys)                              Catherine Street
Bird, M: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Anchor)                            Quay Gate
Cole, Sl: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Sceptre)                          North Street
Moxey, Martha: Tavern/Inn (Devonshire Arms)                     Stephen's Row
Punchard, S: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                               Preston Street
Edwards, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of Wellington)                    West Quarter
Tapper, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of Wellington)                     Barrack Road
Land, Ht: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of York)                             St Sidwell
Manley, J: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of York)                            Rock's Lane
White, G: Tavern/Inn (Dunsford Inn)                             Cowick Street
Williams, J K: Tavern/Inn (Elephant)                            North Street
Howard, J: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Arms)                             Bartholomew Street
Long, Nicholas: Tavern/Inn (Falcon)                             North Street
Sercombe, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                             Quay
Callaway, C: Tavern/Inn (Fuller's Arms)                         Rock's Lane
Richards, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (George)                           North Street
Gabriel, Ths: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                                St Mary's Yard
Bignell, M: Tavern/Inn (Golden Ball)                            Mary Arches Street
Bignell, S: Tavern/Inn (Golden Ball)                            Mary Arches Street
Medland, Eliz: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                           Fore Street
Franklin, John: Tavern/Inn (Honiton Inn)                        Paris Street
Spreat, T: Tavern/Inn (Horse & Groom)                           St Sidwell
Congdon, Jos: Tavern/Inn (Hotel)                                Cathedral Yard
Wood, Wm: Tavern/Inn (King John)                                South Street
Jackson, Jno: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                          St Sidwell
Wellington, Js: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                        West Street
Last, Ann: Tavern/Inn (King's Head)                             St Sidwell
Tattershall, Mary: Tavern/Inn (Lamb & Flag)                     South Street
Moore, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (London Ale House)                    Mary Arches Street
Cook, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Lord Nelson)                              Rock's Lane
Twiggs, E: Tavern/Inn (Lord Nelson)                             Paul Street
Linnington, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Malsters' Arms)                     Goldsmith Street
Tapper, James: Tavern/Inn (Market House Inn)                    Corn Market
Cawdle, J: Tavern/Inn (Moreton Inn)                             Cowick Street
Ellis, Ed: Tavern/Inn (New Golden Lion)                         Silver Street
Clench, John: Tavern/Inn (New London Inn)                       Northernhay Street
Hutchings, M: Tavern/Inn (Okehampton Inn)                       Okehampton Street
Grove, John: Tavern/Inn (Old Bell)                              Old Bridge
Knott, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Old Golden Lion)                         Guinea Street
Pratt, Josh: Tavern/Inn (Old London Inn)                        St Sidwell
Handford, J: Tavern/Inn (Pack Horse)                            Cowick Street
Woodward, W: Tavern/Inn (Pack Horse)                            David's Hill
Bird, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Paper Makers' Arms)                       Exe Lane
Pedrick, S: Tavern/Inn (Pestle & Mortar)                        Idol Lane
Southwood, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Phoenix)                             Goldsmith Street
Tapp, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Plough)                                 Fore Street
Strong, M: Tavern/Inn (Plume Of Feathers)                       David's Hill
Gardner, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Plymouth Inn)                        Alphington Street
Hodge, E: Tavern/Inn (Poltimore Inn)                            St Sidwell
Lake, Hy: Tavern/Inn (Post Office Inn)                          Fore Street
Smith, J: Tavern/Inn (Queen Caroline)                           West Street
Smale, J: Tavern/Inn (Red Cow)                                  St Sidwell
Elworthy, J: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)                              St Sidwell
White, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                          West Street
Morton, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Round Tree)                             Frog Lane
Loveridge, Susannah: Tavern/Inn (Royal Artillery)               Holloway Street
Taylor, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Royal George)                           Quay Gate
Carter, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)                              Guinea Street
Connett, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Sawyer's Arms)                         Preston Street
Wood, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)                              New Bridge
Linscott, S: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                  Martin's Lane
Pedrick, J: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                   Goldsmith Street
Punchard, J: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                  Alphington Street
Presswell, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Smiths' Arms)                    Mary Arches Street
Norton, Chas: Tavern/Inn (Star)                                 Fore Street
White, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Sun)                                 Sun Lane
Patterson, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Swan)                                Fish Market
Tucker, John: Tavern/Inn (Swan)                                 Cowick Street
Tothill, Ts: Tavern/Inn (Tailor's Arms)                         Preston Street
Day, Danl: Tavern/Inn (Teignmouth Inn)                          West Quarter
Drake, Mary: Tavern/Inn (Temeraire)                             St Sidwell
Vickery, W: Tavern/Inn (Three Cranes)                           Milk Lane
Williams, J: Tavern/Inn (Three Crowns)                          Idol Lane
Jeffery, Jacob: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                         Fore Street
Cooper, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Topsham)                                South Street
Elett, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                             Cowick Street
Lawless, James: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                        St Sidwell
Richards, W: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                           Fore Street
Staddon, William: Tavern/Inn (Union Inn)                        Okehampton Street
Harrison, John: Tavern/Inn (Valiant Soldier)                    Holloway Street
Gilbert, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Victory)                               St Sidwell
Holmes, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Wheatsheaf)                             Fore Street
Hookins, Richard: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                       Alphington Street
Lake, John: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                             South Street
Smale, T: Tavern/Inn (White Horse)                              St Sidwell
Parnell, Mgt: Tavern/Inn (White Lion)                           St Sidwell
Field, T: Tavern/Inn (Windmill)                                 Holloway Street
Brinley, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Woolpack)                              Bartholomew Yard
Mason, Josh: Teacher (Dancing)                                  Bradninch
Mason, Ths: Teacher (Dancing)                                   Southernhay
Shiles, Harriet: Teacher (Dancing)                              Palace Street
Thomas, M: Teacher (Dancing)                                    Bartholomew Street
Harris, Misses: Teacher (Drawing)                               Gandy's Street
White, Mrs: Teacher (Drawing)                                   Bedford Street
Stevens, Fras: Teacher (Drawing & Painting)                     South Street
Hainsselin, M: Teacher (French)                                 Fore Street
Le Long: Teacher (French)                                       240 Fore Street
Martin: Teacher (French)                                        Mary's Yard
Rising, Wm Henry: Teacher (Miniature & Drawing)                 Longbrook Street
Dennis, J: Teacher (Miniature Painting)                         265 Fore Street
Collins, Isaac: Teacher (Music)                                 Paris Street
Kemp: Teacher (Music)                                           Holloway Street
Lillycrop, Sl: Teacher (Music)                                  St Sidwell
Macdonald, Austin: Teacher (Music)                              Paris Street
Matthews, J: Teacher (Music)                                    North Street
Moxhay, Richd: Teacher (Music)                                  Paul Street
Mudge, P: Teacher (Music)                                       Hart's Row
Paddon, John: Teacher (Music)                                   Southernhay
Rafarel, Chas: Teacher (Music)                                  St Sidwell
Turner, Thos: Teacher (Music)                                   Southernhay
Ball, John: Tiler & Plasterer                                   14 Fore Street
Brinley, Joseph: Tiler & Plasterer                              Idol Lane
Campion, Wm: Tiler & Plasterer                                  Southernhay
Chanter, M: Tiler & Plasterer                                   Goldsmith Street
Chudleigh, Geo: Tiler & Plasterer                               Cowick Street
Galpin, Nathl: Tiler & Plasterer                                Okehampton Street
Gould, Morgan: Tiler & Plasterer                                Pancras Buildings
Hodge, Jas: Tiler & Plasterer                                   Alphington Street
Perkins, John: Tiler & Plasterer                                Preston Street
Reynolds, S: Tiler & Plasterer                                  David's Hill
Richardson: Tiler & Plasterer                                   Rock's Lane
Rowe, Wm: Tiler & Plasterer                                     North Street
Savage, Wm: Tiler & Plasterer                                   Stepcote Hill
Sherry, J: Tiler & Plasterer                                    Alphington Street
Southard, Richd: Tiler & Plasterer                              St Sidwell
Stroud, George: Tiler & Plasterer                               Longbrook Street
Tucker, Robt: Tiler & Plasterer                                 Preston Street
Vosper: Tiler & Plasterer                                       Preston Street
Westlake: Tiler & Plasterer                                     Preston Street
Wills, Chas: Tiler & Plasterer                                  Magdalene Street
Wills, Thomas: Tiler & Plasterer                                James's Street
Cornish, Robert: Timber Merchant                                David's Hill
Horrell, T W: Timber Merchant                                   Shilhay
Strong, James: Timber Merchant                                  Bonhay
Ward, E: Timber Merchant                                        Stepcote Hill
Ward, I: Timber Merchant                                        Stepcote Hill
Ware, Joel: Timber Merchant                                     Shilhay
Ware, Wm: Timber Merchant                                       Shilhay
Woods, James: Timber Merchant                                   Rocks Lane
Bright, Joel: Tin Plate Worker                                  North Street
Bright, Samuel: Tin Plate Worker                                73 South Street
Broadmead, John: Tin Plate Worker                               St Sidwell
Davis, John: Tin Plate Worker                                   Alphington Street
Lang, Wm: Tin Plate Worker                                      211 Fore Street
Southey, Wm: Tin Plate Worker                                   Alphington Street
Spratt, John: Tin Plate Worker                                  St Sidwell
Spratt, Wm: Tin Plate Worker                                    262 Fore Street
Chapple, Jas: Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer                         St Sidwell
Granger, Thomas: Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer                      Paris Street
Reynolds, Jas: Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer                        Paris Street, Cheek Lane
Reynolds, Robt: Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer                       Paris Street, Cheek Lane
Bartrum, Henry: Tobacconist                                     203 Fore Street
Cross, Henry: Tobacconist                                       77 Fore Street
Pye: Tobacconist                                                229 Fore Street
Pye, Saml Randall: Tobacconist                                  Fore Street
Jesse, Mary: Toy & Rocking Horse Manufacturer                   82 Fore Street
Bath, Wm: Trunk Maker                                           Fore Street, New Inn Court
Lemon, Wm: Trunk Maker                                          Cowick Street
Woodman, John: Trunk Maker                                      31 Fore Street
Burd, James: Turner                                             Paul Street
Keys, Thos: Turner                                              Bartholomew Street
Otton, John: Turner                                             Gandy's Street
Pilman, R: Turner                                               Preston Street
Shooter, Edw: Turner                                            Friernhay Street
Stone, John: Turner                                             St Sidwell
Webber, Wm: Turner                                              Waterbeer Street
Wolland, John: Turner                                           St Sidwell
Dryer, B: Umbrella Manufacturer                                 Mint Lane
Thoms, Alexander: Umbrella Manufacturer                         15 Fore Street
Moore, Daniel: Upholsterer                                      Magdalene Street
Needs, E: Upholsterer                                           South Street
Soper, E: Upholsterer                                           Bedford Street
Rogers, Josias: Veterinary Surgeon                              Paris Street
Curtis, Wm: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                          New Bridge Street
Ellis, Henry: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                        199 Fore Street
Folland, Wm: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                         160 Fore Street
Pollard, Thos: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                       Alphington Street
Rickard, Hercules: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                   268 Fore Street
Rickard, Jno: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                        West Quarter
Skinner, John: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                       20 Fore Street
Stafford, Timothy: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                   252 Fore Street
Stanbury, Elisha: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                    New Market
Trehane, Sampson: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                    30 Fore Street
Tucker, John: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                        Prospect Place
Upjohn, John: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                        South Street
Westaway, John: Watch & Clock Manufacturer                      70 Fore Street
Upham, Thos: Wharfinger                                         Quay
Burgoyne, Richd: Wheelwright                                    Alphington Street
Clarke, John: Wheelwright                                       Okehampton Street
Cobley, Wm: Wheelwright                                         Lower North Street
Dale, Edwd: Wheelwright                                         Quay Lane
Parsons, John: Wheelwright                                      Rock Lane
Ward, Joseph: Wheelwright                                       Paris Street
Osborn, George: Whip Maker                                      167 Fore Street
Osborn, Samuel: Whip Maker                                      23 New Bridge Street
Bennett: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                 Hollaway Street
Blackmore, John: Wine & Spirit Merchant                         Fore Street Hill
Brake, Chas: Wine & Spirit Merchant                             Holloway Street
Brooke, Jas: Wine & Spirit Merchant                             Rack Lane
Crockett: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                South Street
Davies: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                  South Street
Drewe: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                   South Street
Grangers: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                Gandys Street
Hill, Thos: Wine & Spirit Merchant                              267 Fore Street
Hirtzall, George: Wine & Spirit Merchant                        James's Street
Kennaways: Wine & Spirit Merchant                               Palace Street
Maunder, Wm: Wine & Spirit Merchant                             42 Fore Street
Sanders: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                 Gandys Street
Sawer, Thos: Wine & Spirit Merchant                             North Street
Sloman, S G: Wine & Spirit Merchant                             Magdalene Street
Snow: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                    Gandys Street
Turner, Francis: Wine & Spirit Merchant                         Southernhay
Vicary: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                  Hollaway Street
Chamberlain, Wm: Wire Worker                                    Fore Street
Southwood, P: Wire Worker                                       Pancras Lane
Watling, John: Wire Worker                                      Silver Street
Maunder, George: Wool Factor & Dealer                           Exe Island
Pearce, Jas: Wool Factor & Dealer                               Rack Lane
Rodier, Jas P: Wool Factor & Dealer                             Rock's Lane
Arden, George: Woolen Draper                                    219 Fore Street
Chave, Wm: Woolen Draper                                        194 Fore Street
Salter, Benjamin: Woolen Draper                                 197 Fore Street
Wilcocks, Jno Madgwick: Woolen Draper                           216 Fore Street
Bruse, J: Worsted Manufacturer                                  St Sidwell
Hart, Thos: Worsted Manufacturer                                88 South Street
Merchant, Thos: Worsted Manufacturer                            North Street
Radford, D: Worsted Manufacturer                                South Street
Taylor, Mary: Worsted Manufacturer                              Sun Lane
Vicary, Philip: Worsted Manufacturer                            Preston Street
Worthy, R: Worsted Manufacturer                                 Exe Island
Bennett, Matthew: Yarn Manufacturer                             Okehampton Street
Gov??T, Mary: Yarn Manufacturer                                 Okehampton Street
Curtis, John: Yarn & Serge Factor                               Rock's Lane

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999

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