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Index to the Sections of the Gazetteer

This gazetteer has been produced from a 12,000-item index that has been constructed of all the places (chapels, churches, farms, hamlets, houses, inns, manors, schools, streets, villages, etc.) and principal organizations (banks, societies, institutions, etc.) named in White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire, (1850), and/or Peskett's Guide to the Parish and Non-Parochial Registers of Devon and Cornwall 1538-1837. (Places and organizations given without an explicit name or address, or which are not local to a particular town or parish, e.g. rivers, are not included.)

For each such named place and organization a link is provided to the page in GENUKI where more information is to be found about the Devon town or parish in which the place is situated. (Note: this page will not necessarily contain information about the place or organization itself.) Wherever possible, a name is linked to a specific parish page - however in urban areas, such as Exeter and Plymouth, that comprise multiple parishes this has not always been feasible using just the information in White and Peskett, so the link is to the town page.

Separate index entries are provided for each variant spelling of a place-name or organization name, together with an indication of the type of place or organization (chapel, church, farm, bank, etc.) as indicated or implied by White and/or Peskett. (Terms such as "street", "road", "terrace" are all grouped together under "street", and "inn", "public house" and "hotel" under "inn".)

A note of warning: White's descriptive texts about parish charities often names property bequests, e.g. land or houses, without indicating whether these properties are located within the given parish. Such property names are included in the index as being situated within the parish unless it is reasonably evident that this is not the case. Similarly, it has not always been easy to determine the type of place being referred to, e.g. "farm", "hamlet", or "house", so the place-name classifications given here should be treated with some caution.

Index to the Sections of the Gazetteer

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Here are a few particular categories of Gazetteer entry:

Hamlets; Villages; Manors; Inns and Hotels

Finally, here is a listing of the full set of entries in this Gazetteer, organized (in four sections because of its size) by town and parish in alphabetical order.
A-C; D-K; L-R; S-Z

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the considerable contributions of the trio of volunteers who answered the appeal for help with the production of this gazetteer that I sent to the DEVON-L mailing list, namely Laurie Olson, Terry Partridge, and Sandra Windeatt.

Note: An alternative gazetteer is provided by the listing of places in Devon that has been compiled from the detailed parish maps provided in Kain and Oliver's Historic Parishes of England and Wales. This gazetteer relates to a centrury later, as these parish maps are based on the 1945-48 one inch to the mile Ordnance Survey Maps. This listing comprises over 7000 places, and indicates not just the town or parish that place names are located in, but also their actual OS grid reference (set up to act as a link via which they can be found on various maps). It is used for the "Nearby Places" button on each parish page and can be searched using the search form:

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