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"LUNDY ISLAND, though situated in the Bristol Channel, about 18 miles west of the mainland, is a detached member of Braunton Hundred. It is about three miles long and one broad, and comprises about 1800 acres. On account of the lofty rocks with which it is encompassed, it is inaccessible, except by a narrow entrance on the eastern side, where a small beach admits a secure approach, and is sheltered by a detached portion of rock called the Isle of Rats. There are on the island a farm house and a few small cottages." [From White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devon (1850)]

Peskett tentatively allocates Lundy to Hartland Hundred, the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple, and the Diocese of Exeter, but states that its civil status was vague until the 20th century.


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MIs for this parish are included in the Devon FHS index - see under Cemeteries on the main Devon page.
Ternstrom, M. and Langham, A.F. Lundy (Beacon Hill cemetery). Devonshire monumental inscriptions, vol. 10 (1999). [SoG DE/M 25]


Ships in port at Lundy Island, in the 1881 Census, from Bob Sanders.

Snetzler, M.F. North Devon Surname Index to the Census. Microfiche: M.F. Snetzler, Barcott, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, Devon EX39 5LN. [Covers 1871 and 1881 census records for this parish]

Church History

Blackwell, Alfred E. Lundy's Ecclesiastical History. Devonshire Assoc. Trans., vol. 92 (1960) pp. 88- 100. [Raymond: Includes MIs, lists of births, baptisms and marriages. 19-20th century, list of clergy, etc.]

Church Records

Peskett indicates that though were marriage services on Lundy in the 17th century, probably no registers were kept until after the ruined chapel was rebuilt in 1896/7. Earliest extant registers begin 1901.
Langham Collection. Box files. 24. Lundy: parish registers. (1995) [Westcountry Studies Library - BHo sxB/LUN/LAN/841]

Civil Registration

Lundy was omitted from the 1837 registration legislation - 36 births (1865-9) are recorded in PRO RG35/20, and one death in RG 35/20. (Mentioned in "Some Events Overseas", by Anthony Camp in Family Tree Magazine, July 2000.)

Description and Travel

Extract from Murray's "Handbook for Travellers in Devonshire" (1879).

The Lundy Island web pages provide photographs, and travel, accommodation and historical information.

Lundy, from Wikipedia.

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Transcript of complete entry in White's Devonshire Directory of 1850.

Transcript of a similar extract from an 1857 Directory with the names of two inhabitants.


The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.


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General historical and descriptive information, area map from 1765, details about administrative boundaries, etc., about Lundy from the Devon Library's Local Studies Service.

The Westcountry Studies Library holds the large Langham Collection of material related to the history of Lundy Island. Topics covered include: Air transport; Archaeology; Castle; Civil War; Climate and cultivation; Coinage and stamps; Communications; Companies; Ecclesiastical history; Flora and fauna; Geology; Lighthouse; Manor Farm; P. & A. Campbell Lundy boats; Population and owners; Quarries; Shipwrecks.

Lundy, the Marisco's and Benson - provided by John Lerwill.

Lundy History, provide by Peter Robson.

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Merchant Marine

Index to Pre-1900 North Devon and Lundy shipwrecks, by John Lerwill.

Davis, G.M. The Loss of HMS Montague, Lundy 1906. (1981) [ISBN 0 9507391 0 3]
Powick, F.M. The murder of Henry Clement and the pirates of Lundy. History 25:100 , (Mar. 1941) pp.285- 310.
The coastguard [Lundy articles] (1972-81).1 vol. [Westcountry Studies Library BHo sxB/LUN/LAN/577] [A collection of articles from the Coastguard 6:1 Jan 72, 7:1 Jan 73, 13:3-4 Jul-Oct 79, 15:2 Apr 81 relating to the period 1700-1972]

Names, Personal

A petition (c. 1647) in support of Thomas Bushell listing 61 "Inhabitants of the Counties of Devon and Cornwall, & neerest borderers upon the Island of Lundy" - many apparently from Clovelly.


The Lundy Field Society undertakes research on various aspects of Lundy.

Find help, report problems, and contribute information.

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