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Black's Directory 1857 - Meavy

Transcribed by

Deborah O'Brien

Rev. J ABBOTT Rector
John HENWOOD Hoo Meavy House
E. SCOBELL Good A Meavy
Henry ANDREWS (Farmer) Meavy Barton
Walter ANDREWS (Farmer) Gratton
Robert BOWDEN (Farmer) Brisworthy
John DAWE (Farmer) Holderwood
William DAWE (Farmer) Calisham
Joseph EDDY (Farmer) Fancy Dale
James FOOT (Farmer) Lake
Richard HELYER (Farmer) Warrens
Samuel MADDOCK (Farmer) Greenwill
Richard MOSES (Farmer) South Lake
M & J NORTHMORE (Farmer) Good A Meavy
Sarah NORTHMORE (Farmer) Lower Good A Meavy
William PALMER (Farmer) Sparktown
Joseph ROWE (Farmer) Hernspitt
Francis SELLICK (Publican) Royal Oak
Edward TREGILLUS (Miller) Meavy Mills
John VANSTONE Shopkeeper
Arthur WALTER (Farmer) Buontown
James WILLIAMS Hurgles

Brian Randell, 2 Nov 2001

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