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Devon Wills and Admons

This page provides a means of locating particular wills and admons among the growing collection of transcriptions and summaries that have been prepared for and are held within GENUKI/Devon. The links are to the "Probate Records" sections of the relevant town and parish pages where details of the one or more wills/admons relating to a given surname can be found. (For general information about Devon wills see Probate Records on the main Devon page.)
Note: Here are some guidelines for preparing will transcripts for GENUKI/Devon.

Ackland - see Landkey.
Adams - see Thurlestone.
Allen - see Braunton.
Anning - see Axminster and Culmstock.
Apelin - see Uffculme.
Aplin - see Uffculme.
Arundell - see Exeter St Sidwell.
Atwill - see Crediton and Kenton.
Ayshford - see Colyton.
Ball - see Sourton.
Bath - see Woodleigh.
Boon - see Modbury.
Badcock - see Bampton.
Bagwell - see Honiton.
Baker - see Bampton.
Bampfield - see Uffculme.
Barnard - see Dawlish.
Bartlett - see Dartmouth.
Bastard - see Plymouth.
Bath - see Plymouth, Stoke Damerel and Woodleigh.
Bealey - see Halwell.
Beavis - see Barnstaple.
Berry - see Swimbridge.
Bery - see Swimbridge.
Bishop - see Modbury.
Blackmoore - see Ilfracombe.
Blackmore - see Bampton, Bishops Nympton and Swimbridge.
Blake - see Blackawton, Exeter, Exeter St David, Honiton, Instow, North Molton, Plymouth, Plymstock and Rattery.
Blamey - see Upton Pyne.
Bowden - see Bampton and Stowford.
Bowring - see Exeter and Exeter St Leonard.
Brabant - see Plymouth.
Bradbeer - see Woodbury.
Bragington - see Hartland.
Branford - see Totnes.
Branscombe - see Bampton.
Braund - see Littleham (near Bideford) and Parkham.
Brayley - see Halwill.
Broom - see Sampford Peverell.
Brown - see Lifton.
Browne - see Stoke Damerel.
Bryant - see Chudleigh.
Brynssemede - see Feniton.
Buchan - see East Budleigh.
Buckingham - see Crediton.
Bucknell - see Holcombe Rogus.
Bulgin - see Holcombe Rogus.
Bulley - see Dartmouth.
Buller - see Churston Ferrers, Crediton, Exeter, Honiton and Kings Nympton.
Burgacott - see Barnstaple.
Burges - see North Molton.
Burgess - see Bideford.
Burnell - see Kingsbridge.
Burrington - see Crediton, Chudleigh and Sandford.
Burton - see Dawlish.
Bushrod - see Tiverton.
Butter - see Exeter.
Byers - see Bideford.
Cann - see Colebrooke.
Carder - see Arlington, Barnstaple and Bideford.
Carter - see Bideford.
Cary - see Clovelly.
Castell - see Modbury.
Challice - see Brampford Speke, Chawleigh, Lapford and Morchard Bishop.
Champernowne - see Dartington.
Cherry - see Bampton.
Chope - see Dartmouth.
Cleave - see Dawlish.
Cleeve - see Bampton.
Clieffe - see Kingsbridge.
Coles - see Washfield.
Colman - see Tiverton.
Cooper - see Axminster.
Coram - see Burlescombe and Culmstock.
Cornish - see Black Torrington and Ottery St Mary.
Cowell - see Dartmouth.
Courtenay - see Wolborough.
Cranch - see Ashburton, Kingsbridge, Littleham (near Exmouth), Malborough, South Huish and Totnes.
Cridland - see Topsham.
Crocker - see Yealmpton.
Cruse - see Cruwys Morchard and Winkleigh.
Cruwys - see Burrington, Cruwys Morchard and Cullompton.
Cumby - see Brixham St Mary.
Cuming - see Modbury.
Currum - see Culmstock.
Davey - see Bampton.
Davy - see Milton Abbot.
Dawson - see Modbury.
Deere - see Burlescombe.
Delve - see Sandford.
Devitte - see Stoke Damerel.
Dillon - see Burrington.
Docton - see Hartland, Northam and St Budeaux.
Dottin - see Dartmouth.
Downing - see Shute, Stoke Gabriel and Yealmpton.
Drake - see Buckland Monachorum, Musbury and Southleigh.
Dunscomb - see Crediton.
Earle - see PlymouthStokenham.
Easton - see Ermington.
Edbrook - see Bampton.
Edsall - see Topsham.
Edyvean - see Plymouth.
Efford - see Modbury.
Elford - see Sheepstor.
Ellery - see Plymouth.
Elliott - see Dartmouth.
Ellis - see Clovelly.
Elworthy - see Bampton, Cullompton and Thelbridge.
Elworthye - see Thelbridge.
Escott - see Thelbridge.
Evans - see Stoke Damerel.
Every - see Exeter and Exeter St Thomas.
Farthing - see Sidmouth.
Farwell - see Dartington and Exeter.
Farrant - see Bampton.
Flashman - see Exeter.
Follett - see Axminster and Dartmouth.
Fortescue - see Buckland Filleigh and Weare Giffard.
France - see Brixham St Mary and Plymouth.
Fraine - see Barnstaple.
Frayne - see Bishops Tawton, Frithelstock, Langtree and Swimbridge.
Freke - see Clannaborough and Loddiswell.
French - see Dartmouth.
Frost - see Tiverton.
Full - see Clyst St Lawrence.
Gale - see Bampton.
Gamon - see Braunton.
Gear - see Tiverton.
George - see Stoke Damerel.
Gibbens - see Holcombe Rogus.
Gibbings - see Bampton.
Gibbon - see Tiverton, High Bray and Tawstock.
Gill - see Woolfardisworthy (East).
Gillard - see Kingsbridge.
Goddard - see Plymouth.
Godfrey - see Uffculme.
Gohegan - see Plymouth.
Goodman - see Malborough.
Gover - see Exeter.
Graynfield - see Bideford.
Grant - see Brixham St Mary.
Greenham - see Dalwood.
Greenslade - see Brendon.
Grenvile - see Bideford.
Grenville - see Bideford.
Greynefelde - see Bideford.
Greynfelde - see Bideford.
Grindall - see Dartmouth.
Guise - see Axminster.
Gybbons - see Exeter: Cathedral.
Hackwill - see St Giles in the Wood.
Haddock - see Dartmouth.
Hagley - see Sampford Peverell.
Halls - see South Molton.
Hamlyn - see Clovelly and Moretonhampstead.
Hammett - see Clovelly.
Handforde - see Swimbridge.
Harder - see Bittadon.
Hartiput - see Exeter.
Harvey - see Barnstaple.
Hatherly - see Black Torrington.
Hawkins - see Bampton.
Hearder - see Barnstaple, East Stonehouse, Hennock, High Bray, Plymouth, South Molton and Stokeinteignhead.
Hele - see Lydford and Halwell.
Herder - see South Molton.
Hewett - see Burlescombe, Shute and Uffculme.
Hewish - see Barnstaple and Cheriton Fitzpaine.
Higman - see Kingsbridge.
Hill - see Bampton and Lynton.
Hingston - see Dittisham, Dodbrooke and Kingsbridge.
Hockin - see Shebbear.
Holditch - see Totnes.
Hoggard - see Alphington.
Homfry - see Chagford.
Hooper - see Northam.
Houle - see Swimbridge.
Huggins - see Zeal Monachorum.
Ilford - see Sheepstor.
Inch - see Stoke Damerel.
Jago - see Dartmouth and Plymouth St Andrew.
Jarvis - see Slapton and South Huish.
Jeffrey - see Dittisham.
Joce - see Landkey.
Jellard - see East Portlemouth.
Jillard - see Littleham (near Exmouth) and Plymouth.
Kelland - see Exeter.
Kendall - see Lapford.
Kenney - see Bideford.
Kent - see Stoke Damerel.
Kingdom - see Coldridge.
Kingdon - see Twitchen.
Kinsman - see Stoke Damerel.
Knight - see Ashreigney and Topsham.
Kingdon - see Chudleigh.
Lane - see Stoke Damerel.
Lang - see Drewsteignton.
Langdon - see Bampton.
Langworthy - see Plympton St Maurice.
Lanyon - see Plymouth.
Lascelles - see Exeter, HolyTrinity.
Lavalade - see Sampford Peverell.
Leach - see Exeter: Cathedral.
Lillicrapp - see Shaugh Prior.
Lindon - see South Huish.
Loosemore - see Molland.
Lukis - see Crediton.
Luly - see Crediton.
Mainguy - see StBudeaux.
Mallet - see Black Torrington, Iddesleigh. Merton and Monkokehampton.
Mallett - see Alverdiscott, Beaford, Bow, Dowland, Exeter, Halwell, Halwill, Iddesleigh, Landkey, Plymouth and Stoke Damerel.
Manfield - see Stockland.
Manning - see Dittisham.
Marwood - see Halberton.
Mawrie - see Exeter.
Mauzy - see Exeter.
Merson - see Bampton.
Miall - see Stoke Damerel.
Michell - see Stockland.
Michelmore - see Ashburton and Buckfastleigh.
Mill - see Bideford.
Minto - see Tormoham.
Moore - see Plymouth.
Morice - see Werrington.
Morrish - see Cruwys Morchard.
Mortimer - see Dunsford, Ide and see Sandford.
Moxey - see Exeter.
Mumford - see Dartmouth.
Murray - see Plympton St Mary.
Narracott - see Dittisham.
Newbery - see Yarcombe.
Newman - see Dartmouth.
Nicholls - see Bideford.
Norrish - see Upton Pyne.
Northcote - see Newton St Cyres.
Nott - see Merton.
Norton - see Alwington and Milton Damerell.
Nosworthy - see Crediton and Dartmouth.
Oland - see Tiverton.
Osmonde - see Uffculme.
Ongier [Ougier] - see Dartmouth.
Ostler - see Uplyme.
Oulton - see Littleham (near Exmouth).
Page - see Black Torrington.
Paige - see Black Torrington, Shebbear and Sheepwash.
Palmer - see Kingsteignton.
Parkin - see Roborough.
Parsons - see Highampton and Shebbear.
Pasemore - see North Molton.
Pasmoore - see North Molton.
Pasmore - see High Bray and North Molton.
Pearce - see Dartmouth and Teignmouth.
Pearse - see Ermington.
Pengelly - see Lamerton.
Pennell - see Topsham.
Penney - see East Ogwell.
Penny - see East Ogwell.
Perriam - see East Budleigh and Exeter.
Perry - see Dartmouth.
Pethybridge - see Exeter St David.
Phillips - see Dartmouth.
Philpott - see Plymouth.
Pidgley - see Clyst St George.
Pidlley - see Upton Pyne.
Pinckard - see Winkleigh.
Pincombe - see Beaford, Exeter, Molland, Stoke Damerel.
Pinhey - see Diptford.
Platel - see Exeter St Sidwell.
Pollard - see Clovelly.
Polyblank - see Stoke Damerel.
Pope - see Stoke Damerel.
Potter - see Kentisbeare.
Price - see West Teignmouth.
Prideaux - see Dartmouth and Sutcombe.
Pullman - see Topsham.
Pyke - see Bideford.
Queade - see Plymouth.
Randell - see Plymouth.
Ranney - see Topsham.
Record - see Musbury.
Reeve - see Dartmouth.
Rew - see Bishops Nympton.
Reynell - see East Ogwell, Sherford and Wolborough.
Rice - see Alphington.
Richards - see East Stonehouse.
Rivers - see Stowford.
Roberts - see Barnstaple and Tiverton.
Rockett - see Musbury .
Roe - see South Tawton.
Rolle - see St Giles in the Wood.
Rooke - see Northam.
Rosewell - see Awliscombe and Combe Raleigh.
Roskilly - see Tavistock.
Rowley - see Barnstaple.
Rowswell - see Clayhidon.
Rudd - see Stoke Damerel.
Salter - see Willand.
Sandover - see Cornwood.
Sargent - see Topsham.
Savery - see Ugborough.
Scott - see Highampton.
Shapland - see North Molton.
Shepheard - see Cornwood, Modbury and Plympton St Mary.
Shepherd - see Thurlestone.
Shobbrook - see Burrington, Down St Mary and Shobrooke.
Shobrooke - see Coldridge.
Shrapnell - see Bideford.
Shute - see South Brent.
Searle - see Sidbury.
Skinner - see Ashburton and Combeinteignhead.
Sleep - see Tormoham.
Smith - see Barnstaple, Northam and Plymouth.
Snell - see Chawleigh, Crediton, Clyst St Lawrence and Tiverton.
Southcomb - see Kings Nympton.
Southcombe - see Mariansleigh and Rose Ash.
Sowthmead - see Chagford.
Sowthcombe - see Rose Ash.
Squance - see Exeter, Great Torrington and Huntshaw.
Squire - see St Giles in the Wood, Okehampton and Roborough.
Stancombe - see Dartmouth.
Steele - see South Milton.
Steer - see Bovey Tracey.
Stocker - see Dartmouth.
Stone - see Clayhanger.
Strugnell - see Stoke Damerel.
Sumption - see Axminster.
Surrage - see Sampford Peverell.
Surridge - see Bampton.
Swete - see Modbury.
Symons - see Barnstaple, Bridestowe, Lew Trenchard and Shirwell.
Talbot - see Culmstock and Holcombe Rogus.
Taverner - see Moretonhampstead.
Thickins - see Dartmouth.
Thorne - see Kings Nympton.
Townson - see Topsham.
Toye - see Thurlestone.
Tozer - see Alphington, Brixham St Mary and Moretonhampstead.
Traies - see Topsham.
Tremlett - see West Teignmouth.
Trickey - see Bampton.
Udall - see Stoke Damerel.
Upham - see Exeter and Dawlish.
Usherwood - see Stoke Damerel.
Vallance - see Inwardleigh.
Venman - see Bampton and Bradninch.
Venn - see Bishops Tawton.
Venner - see Stoodleigh.
Venning - see Dartmouth and v.
Venton - see Black Torrington and Bradfordę
Vodden - see St Giles in the Wood.
Vye - see Colyton.
Wakeham - see South Milton.
Ward - see Black Torrington and Bradford, Holsworthy.
Warren - see Rewe.
Waycott - see Ashburton, Buckfastleigh and Plymouth.
Waymouth - see Dawlish and East Budleigh.
Webber - see Chawleigh and Topsham.
Weeks - see Iddesleigh.
West - see Sidbury.
Western - see Exeter.
Westlake - see Totnes.
Westcott - see Bishops Tawton, Cheriton Fitzpaine, and North Molton.
Weymouth - see Kingsbridge.
Whithear - see Northam.
Wickey - see Barnstaple and Lynton.
Widow - see Chawleigh.
Willand - see Chagford.
Wilkins - see Seaton and Beer.
Wills - see Exeter.
Windeat - see Moretonhampstead and North Bovey.
Windeatt - see Berry Pomeroy, Buckfastleigh, Meavy, Modbury, Tavistock and Totnes.
Winded - see Tormoham.
Windsor - see Plymouth.
Windyett - see Plymouth.
Wingett - see West Teignmouth.
Wingyett - see Exeter, Exeter: StJohn and Plymouth.
Wolcomb - see Brixham St Mary.
Worth - see Exeter St Sidwell and Washfield.
Worth - see Washfield.
Worthe - see Barnstaple and Washfield.
Wrayford - see Bere Ferrers, Morchard Bishop and Silverton.
Wreford - see Ashburton, Bow, Clannaborough, Colebrooke, Morchard Bishop, Nymet Rowland, Sandford, Bow and Modbury.
Yarde - see Dartington.
Yeo - see Dawlish, Ilfracombe and Woolfardisworthy (West).
Yolland - see Ashburton, Berry Pomeroy and Crediton.
Youlden - see Brixham St Mary.

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