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"STOWFORD, a small village, in the valley of one of the tributary streams of the river Lyd, seven miles E.N.E. of Launceston, has in its parish 647 souls, and 2066 acres of land, including Sprytown hamlet, and many scattered houses. Hy. Blagrove, Esq., is lord of the manor of Milford, but that of Stowford, belongs to Mrs. Harris, together with Haine and Stone estates, which have been held by the Harris family many generations. She has a handsome seat here, called Haine Castle - a large quadrangular mansion, in the castellated style, erected 40 years ago. The Church is a handsome structure, with a tower, six bells, and several monuments belonging to the Harris family, one of whom was master of the household to Geo. II. ad III. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £11. 12s. 6d., and in 1831 at £270, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Jno. Wollocombe, M.A., who has 55A. 2R. 22P. of glebe, and a handsome residence. . . ." [From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)]

A parish in Lifton Hundred, the Archdeaconry of Totnes and the Diocese of Exeter.


Nick Mayne has prepared an index to the 1891 census, and is prepared to check for particular names in it on request.

Church Records

Parish Registers going back to 1707 are held in the Devon Record Office - for details see Parish Registers in the Devon Record Office.

The Devon FHS publishes indexes covering (as of June 2004): Baptisms 1811-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837 - for details see their book list.

Nothing entered into the IGI (as of Jan 1993).

Stowford Baptisms (1813-1837), Stowford Marriages (1813-1837) and Stowford Burials (1813-1837) - transcriptions by Margaret Cook.

Brown, Mike. 1754-1812 Burial Indexes: Stowford. RT56, Dartmoor Press (2000).
The Deanery of Tavistock, CD008, Devon Family History Society, Exeter (2007). [Contains indexes: Bradstone - Baptisms 1813-1840, Marriages 1755-1838, Burials 1813-1837; Brentor - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1755-1834, Burials 1801-1845; Bridestowe - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837; Broadwoodwidger - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1836, Burials 1813-1837; Coryton - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1755-1837, Burials 1806-1860; Dunterton - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1836, Burials 1752-1837; Kelly - Baptisms 1813-1842, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1838; Lamerton - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1844, Burials 1812-1838; Lewtrenchard - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1840; Lifton - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1650-1837, Burials 1813-1837; Lydford - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1780-1841; Maryystow - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1755-1837, Burials 1792-1837; Milton Abbot - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1838; Princetown - Baptisms 1813-1839, Burials 1815-1853; Sourton - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1723-1837, Burials 1814-1838; Stowford - Baptisms 1811-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837; Sydenham Damerel - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1755-1837, Burials 1750-1837; Tavistock - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837; Thrushelton - Baptisms 1813-1840, Marriages 1755-1837, Burials 1813-1837; Virginstow - Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1755-1836, Burials 1813-1839.]


Transcription by Neil Stanton of the entry for Stowford in White's Devonshire Directory of 1850.

Transcriptions by Margaret Cook of the entry for Stowford in the Post Office Directory of 1856, White's Devonshire Trade Directory of 1878/79, Kelly's Directory of 1889, and Kelly's Directory of 1906.


The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.


The Online Parish Clerk for this parish is Thomas Peeke, who invites queries and lookup requests.


General historical and descriptive information, area map from 1765, details about administrative boundaries, etc., about Stowford from the Devon Library's Local Studies Service.

Burke, J.Bernard. Hayne. [1843?] 7p, plate: ill. [Westcountry Studies Library - p728/STO/BUR ]
Williams, H. Fulford. Notes on the parish of Stowford, Devon. Typescript (1964) 10p. [Westcountry Studies Library - sB/STO 9/0001/WIL]

Probate Records

Wills of Philip Bowen (1829) and Elizabeth Rivers (1838). transcribed by Ros Dunning.

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