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"TIVERTON, an ancient borough and market town, formerly a principal seat of the woollen manufacture, and now noted for its extensive lace manufactory, . . . is pleasantly situated on the sloping banks at the confluence of the river Exe and the Loman rivulet, 13 miles N. by E. of Exeter, . . . The Grand Western Canal extends northwards from this town to Taunton, . . . The PARISH of TIVERTON is co-extensive with the Borough, and comprises no less than 16,790 acres of fertile land, picturesquely undulated, . . . Its total population amounted in . . . 1841 to 10,770 souls, of whom 7769 were in the town, and the others in the four QUARTERS of the parish, . . . In Pitt Quarter, which extends four miles north, are the small villages of Chettescombe, Bolham, and Cove. In Tidworth Quarter, are the hamlets of Chevithorne, West and East Mere, Craze-Loman, and Manley, extending two miles east and south-east. In Clare Quarter are Palmer's and Withleigh villages, and many scattered houses, extending two miles westward. In Prior Quarter is the hamlet Ashley, . . . Tiverton is now one of the cleanest and best built towns in the west, . . . The PARISH CHURCH (St. Peter,) . . . is one of the largest and handsomest parish churches in the county. . . . " [From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)]

A parish in Tiverton Hundred, and the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Exeter.

Archives and Libraries

The Tiverton Museum is claimed to contain "the largest Social History collection in the South West of England".


Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon (1414-1458), by David Nash Ford.

Allen, W. Gore. John Heathcoat and his Heritage, (1958) 222 pp. [Inventor of the net bobbin machine, used in his Tiverton factory. In 1832 became MP for Tiverton.]
Bareham, Kenneth. Down memory lane EX16: being some reminiscences of a Tivertonian 1905-1979. [Tiverton?]: [The Author?] [1979]. [ISBN 0950671207]
Bareham, Kenneth. More Tiverton memories. Tiverton: Tiverton Museum (1980) 40p. [ISBN 0950639826]
Barnett, Gerald. Richard and Maria Cosway: a biography. Tiverton: Westcountry Books (1995) 288p, [48]p plts: ill. [ISBN 0718829441]
Chalk, E.S. Notes on the members for Tiverton, 1621-1832. Trans. Devonshire Ass. (1935) pp315-347.
Dunsford, G L. The Autobiography of Martin Dunsford , The Historian of Tiverton. Trans. Devon. Assoc. 36 (1904). [Index]
Goldberg, Ilfra. Edward Capern: The Postman-poet, Vanguard Press (2009) 162 pp. [ISBN-10: 1843865033] [Biography of Edward Capern, b. 1819 near to Tiverton, later of Barnstaple.]
Granlund, O.F. Memories of a master at Blundell's School. Tiverton: Tiverton Gazette (1937) 76p. [Westcountry Studies Library - 373.222/TIV/GRA]
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Sharland, John. Recollections of the great Lord Palmerston & old times in Devon. Tiverton: Gregory & Son (1898) (5), 98p. [Westcountry Studies Library - s920/SHA]
Stedman, John Gabriel. The journal of John Gabriel Stedman, 1774-1797, soldier and author including...his expedition to Surinam in 1772. London: Mitre Press (1962) xxiv, 437p, 16 pls; ill. [Westcountry Studies Library - 920/STE]
Varley, D.E. John Heathcoat, 1783-1861: founder of the machine-made lace industry. Newton Abbot: David & Charles [1969] 40p.
Voce, Eileen. What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?, Devon Family Historian, vol. 118, (2006) pp.31-35. [Extracts from WW1 diary of Frank Poslett]
Waller, Tom and Jean Waller. People of West-Exe: the personal reflections and opinions of Mid-Devonians. Tiverton & Mid Devon Museum. (1996) [2], 42p: ill, map. [Westcountry Studies Library - p301.34/TIV/WAL]
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MIs for this parish are included in the Devon FHS and Incledon indexes - see under Cemeteries on the main Devon page.
Newport-Tinley, G.F. Monumental Inscriptions from the Chapel at Blundell's School, Tiverton. British Archivist, vol.1, no. 8 (1913) pp. 63-67.
Whitmore, J.B. Devonshire Monumental Inscriptions, MS at Society of Genealogists (1951). [Extracts]


Trott, John. Tiverton & District 1841 Census HO 107/255, part 1 - transcript & part 2 - surname index, Typescript (2004). [S0G Library - DE/C 7]

Church History

Tiverton - from J. Stabb. Some Old Devon Churches (London: 1908-16).

St Peter's Church - photograph and brief history.

Authers, W.P. The Tiverton Congregational Church 1660-1960: a history. Tiverton: The Church (1960) 136p: ill, ports. [Westcountry Studies Library - 285.8/TIV/AUT] [Raymond: Includes biographical notes on ministers, monumental inscriptions, etc.]
Authers, W.P. Plymouth Brethren at Tiverton. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 33:4, (1975) pp.130-131. [1884-1909]
Chalk, Edwin S. A history of the church of S. Peter Tiverton in the diocese of Exeter. Tiverton: Gregory, 1905. - 214pp, lviii.[Exeter Univ. Library] [Raymond: Includes list of rectors, with biographical notes; monumental inscriptions, etc.]
Gregory, Alfred Thomas. The Wesleys at Tiverton: with some notes as to the building of the Tiverton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in 1814. Tiverton: Gregory & Son (1914) 22p. ill. [Westcountry Studies Library]
Hughes, Rev John Bickley. Remarks on the churches and chapels of the Parish of Tiverton. In Exeter Diocesan Architectural Soc. Trans. 1 ser, v. 3, (1849) illus. pp.1- 11. [Index]
Musgrave, Edward J. History of St. Peter's Church, Tiverton with chronological table (7th issue). Tiverton: Tiverton PCC (1946) (16)p: ill.
Welsford, A.E. A church and its people through 900 years: St. Peter's Tiverton, 1073-1973. Tiverton: Maslands (1973) 94p: ill, maps. [Westcountry Studies Library - 726.5/TIV/WEL
Welsford, Anne. Mr. Newte's library in St. Peter's Church, Tiverton. Trans. Devon. Assoc. 106, (1974) pp.17-31. [1612-1678]
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Church Records

Of various Churches and Chapels associated with the Mother Church (St Peters), which is in the town centre, only Cove Chapel to the north kept separate registers, at least prior to 1846. St George was buit in 1730 (registers from 1889); St Katherine, Withleigh, was built 1846 to serve the Clare portion of the parish (and was made a separate parish in 1886); St Paul, Westexe, is a modern parish (registers from 1856); Chevithorne, a chapel of ease, has its own baptism and burial registers from 1843, and became a separate parish in 1889.

St Peter's Registers (starting in 1559) and Cove Chapel's Registers (starting in 1680) are both deposited at the Devon Record Office - for details see Parish Registers in the Devon Record Office.

Transcripts of the Bishops' Transcripts going back to 1605 are held in a special collection in the Westcountry Studies Library - for details see Parish Registers in the Devon & Cornwall Record Society's Collection.

The Devon FHS publishes indexes covering (as of June 2004): Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837, together with Cove Marriages 1682-1837, Burials 1813-1837 - for details see their book list.

Other churches and chapels (with pre-1840 records):

Entered into the IGI (as of Jan 1993): Parish Church (St Peter) Christenings 1605-1812, and Marriages 1605-1635, 1667-1812 (entries in part from Bishops' Transcripts); Independent Chapel Christenings 1766-1837, Newport Street Particular Baptist Chapel Christenings 1767-1837, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Christenings 1812-1837.
Blundell's School Mahood Society. A Preliminary Investigation into the Tiverton Parish Register. Devon Historian 12 (1976) pp.17-21.
Pike, S. Could Your Ancestor be Here? Devon Family Historian 31 (1984) pp10-14.
Register of Burials in the Parish of Tiverton (Tiverton Wesleyan Church 1834-1899 and Sampford Peverell Wesleyan Church 1909-1916) [DFHS LOC 285]
Tiverton: memorandum of deaths. Manuscript (1822-84) [Westcountry Studies Library - s929.3/TIV/1822]

Court Records

Register of Freeholders - Teignbridge, Tiverton, West Budleigh & Winkleigh c1816, Exeter, Devon Family History Society, (Booklet & PDF D135). [Foreword]

Description and Travel

Tiverton Town Council's official website.

Tiverton, from Wikipedia

Conservation Area Appraisal for Tiverton - an interesting account of the area, with numerous photographs and maps.

Allen, Margaret H.M. Tiverton. Devon Life vol. 9 no. 69 (1972) pp.26-31; ill.
Walker, J Gordon. Portrait of Tiverton. Devon Life vol. 6 no. 50 (1970) pp.30-33; ill.
Tiverton and District: Official Guide. [Devon FHS Library p942.35/TIV]


Transcript of the entry in Pigot's Devonshire Directory of 1844.

Transcript of the description given in White's Devonshire Directory of 1850.

The Tiverton and Dstrict Directory. Tiverton: Gregory Son and Tozer (1885-1934). [According to Raymond: 15 editions published at irregular intervals; over 100 parishes and hamlets are included in the district.]
The Tiverton Borough Directory. Tiverton: Gregory and Son for the Three Counties Directories (1937).

Emigration and Immigration

Davey, F.A., Watts, S.G. Westward Look: Devon Pioneers and Pilgrims in the New World. Town & Country Press Ltd., 42 Rectory Lane, Bracknell, Berks. (1970) 56p. ["Nicholan and Charles Frost of Tiverton" - pp.21-22]


The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.


This parish is one of the growing number of places for which the Devon Heritage website provides census or parish register transcriptions, articles, and/or illustrations, etc.

Authers, W. The Down family of Tiverton, Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 31, (1968), pp. 62-3.
Authers, W.P. Coade and Sealey families. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 33:1, (1974) pp.26-28.
Breitmeyer, Hugo, (Ed.). Dishes of Old Devon. Pages from the household book of Holway Carew of Collipriest, 1821 to 1844, Stable Books - Typeset and printed by Printronics, 25 Shelton St., London WC2 (1985) 58 pp. [Not just a recipe book - it contains information about Collipriest House in Tiverton and the Carew family tree and "continues the story of the Carew family begun in [the author's] The Life and Adventures of Bamfylde Moore Carew, the King of the Beggars. ........ [the author] is the 3xgr. grandson of the Rev. Thomas and Holway Carew, was born in Tiverton in 1951 and educated in Exeter and the School of Oriental and African Studies."] [Westcountry Studies Library]
Dunsford, Martin. Memoirs of the Dunsford Family. Manuscript [1860] 1 vol. [Westcountry Studies Library - sx929.2/DUN]
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Greenway, E.M. John Greenway of Tiverton. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 2:8, (1903) pp.253-254.
Jacob, Henry W. A history of the families of Jacob of Bridgwater, Tiverton and Southern Ireland. (1929) ix, 130p: ill, map. [Westcountry Studies Library - 929.2/JAC]
McCrea, Nigel. Cook of Halberton and Tiverton: the mystery of the Rixer alias, Devon Family Historian 73, 1995, pp. 17-19. [17-18th c.]
Page, Sue. An Unlawful Marriage, Devon Family Historian, vol. 138, (2011) p.25. [William Dicken of Tiverton to Hannah Sweetland, his deceased wife Elizabeth's sister, at Topsham in 1800]
Selley, Maureen. Let's Look in the Devon FHS Indexes, Devon Family Historian, no. 125, (Feb 2008) p.36. [Re: Mary Pingstone of Tiverton - see Rebecca Saunders' article under Church Records in Cullompton]
Skinner, Emily. John Greenway of Tiverton. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 3:2, (1904) pp.56. [Refers to vol.2, p.253, par.203.
Voce, Eileen. The Nelson Touch, Devon Family Historian, vol. 127, (2008) pp.29-32. [About Capt. George Andrews (1767-1810), his career with Nelson, and his family.]
A history of Heathcoats 1808-1948. London: Sir Isaac Pitman (1948) 30p: ill. [Westcountry Studies Library]
From Charlton Adam, Somerset England to America, 1700-1923. [1923] 6p.. [Westcountry Studies Library] (Antecedents of A.T.Gregory, 8 times Mayor of Tiverton.)
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General historical and descriptive information, area map from 1765, details about administrative boundaries, etc., about Tiverton from the Devon Library's Local Studies Service.

Virtual Victorials (archived copy) - An Everyday history of Tiverton and Mid Devon, provided by Tiverton Museum and the University of Exeter.

Allen, M.H.M. Tiverton castle. Devon Life vol. 9 no. 74 (1972) pp.20-21; ill. [1645-1700]
Authers, W.P. Old Tiverton and Mid-Devon in old photographs: part one. Tiverton: W.P.Authers (1978) 78p: of ill. [Westcountry Studies Library - pxDEV/1900/OLD]
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Authers, W.P and C.N. Ponsford. Old Tiverton and Mid-Devon in old photographs: part two. Tiverton: W.P.Authers (1980) [48]p: mainly ill. [Westcountry Studies Library - pxDEV/1900/OLD]
Blundell, John, of Tiverton. Memoirs and antiquities of the town and parish of Tiverton in the county of Devon, faithfully collected from ancient records. Exon, Printed and sold by J. Bliss, and by N. Crocker, Tiverton (1712) 2 pp. l., 58, [14] pp. 16 cm.
Bourne, J., (Ed.). Georgian Tiverton: the political memoranda of Beavis Wood, 1768-98, Devon & Cornwall Record Society (1986). [ISBN 0 901853 29 1] [Index]
Brushfield, T.N. Tiverton in 1659. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 3:5, (1905) pp.160-161. [From Mercurius Politicus (published by order of Parliament).]
Capern, Thomas. The mighty curative powers of Mesmerism, Proved in upwards of one hundred and fifty cases of various diseases.. London: H. BailliÈre, (1851), xxvii, 120 pp. [Index]
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Cole, Charles. Earthquake Shock, Devon Family Historian, vol. 140, (2011) p.22. [In 1886]
Coles, George. Cursory Observations on the Charters, Tiverton, T. Parkhouse (1823) 192 pp. [Index]
[Coles, George]. The Charter to the Inhabitants of Tiverton, by His Majesty George the First, and such Clauses Of the Charter of King James, as are pretended to be restored by that of King George, with a Prefatory Letter, addressed to the Inhabitant Householders of Tiverton. By a Friend to Local Jurisdiction., Exeter, T. Besley (1824) viii + 50 pp.
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Dunsford, Martin. Historical memoirs of the town and parish of Tiverton, in the county of Devon. Collected from the best authorities, with notes and observations. Exeter: Printed by T. Brice (1790). A new edition remodelled & continued by George Boyce (1836). Printed by G Boyce & J Salter, Tiverton. pp. xiii, 466. illus., maps. [Index]
Fisher, Arthur. Tiverton tercentenary, being some account of the early fires & the charters of the town. Tiverton: Palmerston Press (1915) [iv], 42p: plates.
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Keene, Barbara. Window on Westexe. Tiverton & Mid Devon Museum (1996) [4], 24p: map. [Westcountry Studies Library - pB/TIV/0001/KEE]
Keene, B., Butler, D. and Bodman, M. The watermills of Tiverton, Tiverton, Leat Press (2004) 84pp : ill, maps [ISBN 095487580x]
Musgrove, Edward J. A seventy year retrospect of a Devonshire Town (Tiverton). Manuscript (1945) [421]p: cuttings, plans. [Westcountry Studies Library]
Reichel, Oswald J. The Hundred of Tiverton in Early Times. [Devon FHS Library p942.35]
Sampson, Mike. Tiverton Wealth From Wool. Tiverton: Tiverton Musem (1995).
Sampson, M. A History of Tiverton, Tiverton: Tiverton War Memorial Trust (2004) vi, 403pp. [ISBN 0-9548788-09]
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Tull, Christopher S. Withleigh: church, parish and people. [s.l.]: [s.n.] [1970?] 4p. [Westcountry Studies Library - pB/WIT 5/0001/TUL]
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Welsford, A. E. (Annie Erica). John Greenway: 1460-1529: merchant of Tiverton and London: a Devon worthy. [Tiverton] [14 Twyford Place, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6AP]: [A.E. Welsford] (1984) 20 pp. ill.
Youings, Joyce, (Ed.). King James's Charter to Tiverton, 1615, Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association (1958) pp.147-163.
Picturesque views on the River Exe. Tiverton: J.Chaplin (1819) [2], 32p, 7 leaves of plates. [Westcountry Studies Library - sxB/TIV/1819/PIC] [Index]
Extract from the report of the Commissioners. so far as relates to the several charitable endowments within the town and parish of Tiverton, in the county of Devon. Tiverton, Printed by W. Salter (1820) civ pp.
Tiverton in old photographs. Gloucester: Sutton (1988) 144 pp. chiefly ill., ports. ISBN: 0862994349 (pbk).
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Land and Property

Hunt, Jenny. Victorian Photos, Devon Family Historian, vol. 150, (2014) p.8. [Cottages near Loughborough House, built by John Bailey]
Keene, Barbara. Knightshayes Court from Knightenhaie to National Trust. Tiverton: Tiverton Musem (1997).
Westcott, Margaret. Surveying the Estates of Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devon, Marquis of Exeter and Traitor, 1543-4. In Devon Documents (ed. T. Gray). Tiverton: Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, Special Issue (1996) [ISBN 0925836203] pp.199-203. [Okehampton, Chulmleigh, Tiverton, Broadclyst, Colyton, Exminster]
Knightshayes Court, Devon, (1989). [SOG Library: DE Tracts Box]

Military History

Smith, Joan. Veale, Sage and Onions, Devon Family Historian, no. 149, (2014) pp.5-7. [Theodore Veale (b. Dartmouth 1892), Thomas Sage (b. Tiverton 1881) and George Onions (b. 1883 Staffordshire, served in the Devonshire Regiment) all V.C. medallists.]

Names, Personal

Names from an 1822-23 edition of Pigot's Directory.

Names from the Tiverton Gazette and East Devon Herald of 30 Jun 1885.

Crossfield, Bill (transcr.) and Voce, Eileen (ed.). Roll of Honour, Mrs E. Voce, 5 Church Path, Halberton, Tiverton EX16 7AT (2006). [Names extracted from The Tiverton Gazette and East Devon Herald for the years 1914-1920]


Allen, W.Gore. John Heathcoat and his heritage. London: Christopher Johnson (1958) 222p, plates: ill. [Lace making]
Ponsford, Clive N., J.G.M. Scott and W.P. Authers. Clocks and clockmakers of Tiverton - 2nd ed. with supplement. Tiverton: The Authors (1982) 66p, plates: ill. [ISBN 0950608769] [Lookups]

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

A list of the Tiverton Poor with Their Residences and Monthly Pay - Corrected to 1820. [DFHS LOC 308]
Tiverton St Peters - Paupers - 1776, Exeter, Devon Family History Society, (Booklet & PDF D099). [Foreword]

Probate Records

Will of Francis Colman (1650) transcribed by Debbie Kennett.

Transcription of the will of Frances Gibbon (1720) provided by Christine Gibbins.

Wills of Sarah Bushrod (1671), James Oland (1763), Edward Snell (1819), Michael Roberts (1825), Matthew Gear (1841) and Ann Frost (1857), transcribed by Ros Dunning.

Goddard, R.W.K. Goddard Wills. Miscellanea Genealogia et Heraldica 4th series 2 (1908) pp.289-292. [Includes wills of Thomas Goddard of Bradninch, 1615, and Barnard Goddard of Tiverton, 1637.]


Tiverton is the home of Blundell's School, founded in 1604.
Banks, Morris Lawden. Blundell's worthies. London: Chatto & Windus (1904) xv, 219 pp., [10] leaves of plates: ports.
Chard, Judy. Blundell's, Eton of the west. Devon Life vol. 9 no. 67 (1972) pp.18-20; ill. [1599-1946]
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Giles, D.D. and P.J. Strong. The Blue Coat School, Tiverton. Trans. Devon. Assoc. 116, (1984) pp.89-96: ill. [1713-1877]
Heathcoat Council School: Roll of Honour, 1st World War. [DFHS LOC 138]
Huggins, M. J. W. The making of an English public school. Spicery, Tedburn St. Mary, Devon: Hiroona (1982) xi, 156 pp., [27] pp. of plates: ill. ISBN: 0950818305. [Old Blundell's School]
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Jenkins, J. B. The removal of Blundell's: town and gown in Tiverton 1846-1882 Tiverton: Blundell's School (1982) 86 pp., [18] pp. of plates: ill., facsims., 1 plan, ports. ISBN: 0950821705 (pbk).
Jenkins, Rhys. Chilcott's Free Schools. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 11:1, (1920) pp.18. [School in St Peter Street founded by nephew of Blundell, 1609] [Transcript]
M., R.B. Blundell's School and the H.E.I.C.S. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 18 (1934-35) pp.307-310, 21 (1940-41) pp.324-325. [Raymond: Lists 18th c. scholars who entered the service of the East India Company.]
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Mahood, A.S. Concerning Blundell's School. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 23 (1947-49) pp.17-21. [Raymond: Includes a list of chairmen and preachers at 'old boy' days, 1788-1850.]
Mahood, A.S. Some Notes on Blundells School. Trans. Devon Assoc. 84 1952) pp.52-80.
Noon, Charles. The book of Blundells, Tiverton, Halsgrove Press (2002) 160 pp. [ISBN 184114181X]
Rankilor, Herbert M. Blundelliana. Trans. Devon Assoc. Vol. 23 (1891), pp. 410-419. [Index]
Snell, Frederick John. Blundell's; a short history of a famous west country school. London: Hutchinson (1928) 286 p. illus., ports.
Snell, Frederick John. The chronicles of Twyford; being a new and popular history of the town of Tiverton in Devonshire: with some account of Blundell's school, founded A.D. 1604. Tiverton: Gregory, son, & Tozer (1893) 5 pp. l., [3]-394, [2] pp. incl. illus., geneal. tab.
Snell, F.J. Early associations of Archbishop Temple: A Record of Blundell's School and Its Neighbourhood, (1904) xiv + (ii) + 342 pp.
Viles, J.R. Blundell's School accounts 1670-1679. Devon Historian 13, (1976) pp.16-20.
The Old Blundellian Club Register, 1950. Tiverton: The Club (1950).


Howard, A.J. Lay subsidy roll: county of Devon 1524: Halberton hundred ...Bampton hundred...West Budleigh hundred...Hayridge hundred...Tiverton hundred, Typescript (1968). [D&CRS Library, Exeter: P1524]

Voting Registers

List of Burgesses of the Borough of Tiverton in Westexe Ward 1st Nov. 1840 - 1st Nov. 1841. Tiverton: J.Salter [1840] [Westcountry Studies Library]
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