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Brides' Index to the Marriage database for

County Durham, and the North Riding of Yorkshire.

("The Joiner Marriage Index")

Compiled by Paul R Joiner

This provides an index to all Brides in the Joiner Marriage Index, by surname and forename, The index entry indicates the year of marriage, and parish it took place; as in, for example, the following entry:-

	AARON             Ann,1813wm.


In the above, the first Bride indexed is Ann AARON; "1813wm" indicates her marriage was in 1813, wm indicating the parish code, in this case, Whickham in the list of parish codes.

Index Sections:

See also the Grooms' index.

These indexes were generated from the database using RIP (Rudy's Indexing Program) Version 1.06, by Paul Joiner, and were last updated 26 December 1996 09:49:25.